Dropped Kerb Contractors
Dropped Kerb Contractors

Before you move on to hire Dropped Kerb Contractors, it is important to understand it and also get the planning permission, because this is a little more complicated than you might assume it to be.

What is a Dropped Kerb?

First things first; a dropper kerb is often known as a crossover. It is an alteration made to the footway, i.e., the pavement to make it easier for vehicles to drive over the footway, from the road to the driveway.

This change is achieved by lowering down the kerb and set in new foundations to the pavement.

However, you cannot call in expert Dropped Kerb Contractors for getting your dropped kerb built, without your council’s permit. And if you have constructed it without the permit, you can be fined. Furthermore, the payment is not a small one and you will have to pay for the damage that occurs to the pavement as well. During this process, a lot of changes are made to the gas pipelines and cables etc. Thus, the planning permit is very important to avail.

Tips to Get Your Planning Permit for Dropped Kerb:

A team of professional Dropped Kerb Contractors can help you in getting the planning permit. They are experts at managing this task and can handle all the legal council matters and documentation on your behalf.

However, if you want to do it on your own, then here are some tips that might help you.

Remember that an average driveway requires five sections to be lowered for a dropped curb. And for this purpose, you will have to visit your local council. Bear it in mind that the council owns the footpaths and the roads and you cannot mess with it, without a legal permit.

Furthermore, if the road outside your property is a trunk, classified or principal road, you will need a permit for it as well. Checking the status of your road is easy. You simply have to call your local council’s road department and they will let you know. They will also guide you regarding the process of applying for the planning permit.

  • A high quality ordnance survey location plan
  • And a block plan that shows the dropped kerb

It is best for you to hire expert Dropped Kerb Contractors to get the permit for you as well because this might be a hassle. And even after submitting all the required items, you might not be granted the permit to build a dropped kerb.

There are several reasons why your permit is not granted. This can be due to a road junction or bending lights etc. that is an obstacle. However, you can put forth an appeal further, if your grant is not heard. The appeal can be heard in consideration to the changes that will have to be made around too.

And you will have to invest in those as well. But it really depends on the local council at the end of the day. The government local councils might take the work on their shoulders and it is best to let them do it. But you will have to pay them for their services too. And A & M groundworks also provided Gravel Driveways services.  


Gaining a permit for dropped kerbs is not easy. There are a lot of considerations that have to be made. It is best to hire reputable Dropped Kerb Contractors to help you out from scratch. They are well-aware of the procedures and can probably get you a permit faster. It not only saves time but also keeps you away from stress.