Is your website receiving high traffic, but you don’t know how to handle it? 

Shared hosting can give you a cheap hosting solution but cannot handle your high traffic goals. 

To handle traffic spikes, you need hosting that offers dedicated resources with high flexibility, reliability, and easy upgradation. And one such hosting is VPS Thailand

If you live in Thailand, you should always consider a VPS Hosting with a server located in Thailand. This is because the location also plays a very crucial role in a website’s speed and performance. 

Let’s explore what VPS Hosting is, its advantages, and how to choose a reliable company.  

VPS Hosting Defined

VPS Hosting refers to web hosting that makes use of virtualization technology to serve multiple users on one physical Server. This technology divides the VPS server into many parts to allocate dedicated server space and resources to a single user. However, each user gets private RAM, CPU, Storage, and Bandwidth for their website with VPS. If you cannot afford a dedicated server, VPS Hosting is an ideal solution for you. 

Essential Advantages of VPS Server Thailand

  1. Root Access: VPS Thailand gives you root access to control your server configurations and modify them the way you want. Additionally, you can install any custom software or applications that add value to your website and protect it against malware attacks with root access. 
  1. Scalable resources: Scalability is a significant advantage of VPS hosting. This is because the traffic never remains the same as it is today. With high traffic, you need higher resources, whereas, with less traffic, primary resources are sufficient. 

However, VPS Thailand gives you complete freedom to scale your resources up and   down anytime according to your website traffic. This not only saves your cost but helps you in the long run.

  1. High loading times: According to various research, websites that load within 3 seconds get preference over their competitors. Consequently, one of the most significant benefits of VPS Thailand is its breakneck server speed that loads your website in as little as 3 seconds. 
  1. Reliability: A website is considered reliable only if it provides a great user experience and is always accessible to visitors. Using VPS Hosting Thailand, your visitors will rarely see server errors, which will help them and search engines determine that your site is reliable. VPS hosting keeps your website online 24/7 by offering dedicated resources and space.  
  1. Improved security measures: VPS Thailand offers more advanced security measures than shared hosting. When your website hits high traffic, it means now it requires more security to protect its important data and files. Additionally, if it is an e-commerce site, then protecting the financial information of the company as well as the personal information of your clients becomes more crucial. 

However, VPS server Thailand provides you with DDoS protection, Malware scan and     removal, antiviruses, firewall, installation of custom security software and much more to protect your website against various outside attacks.

How to Choose a reliable web Hosting Company

There are a lot of things that need to be considered while choosing a reliable web hosting company. The following are some of them:

  • Identify Whether you need Managed or Unmanaged VPS Hosting

With VPS, you will get two options – Managed VPS Hosting as well unmanaged VPS hosting. Managed is best for people who cannot deal with technicalities and want to focus solely on building their business. Whereas, Unmanaged VPS is best for people who are well versed with technicalities and have a low budget. Additionally, You should know that an unmanaged virtual server requires you to do most of the work, as your hosting provider is only responsible for installing it. However, choose the hosting provider that offers your choice of VPS hosting. 

  • Look at what Server Uptime the company offers.

If any of the web hosting companies offer uptime less than 99.99%, you should not consider that hosting provider. This is because if your website is down more than .01% of the time, you are more likely to lose traffic to your competitors. Therefore, only choose the company that offers a minimum of 99.99% uptime. 

  • See whether your Web Hosting provider offers Backup or not.

Without backup services, you will lose everything that you have built till now. Therefore, having a backup for your website will make your life a lot easier. Before relying on any web hosting provider make sure, they offer you regular backups. 

  • Be cautious of unlimited offers.

Many hosting companies in the market offer unlimited bandwidth and storage at 3$ per month. Such deals look attractive, but they are just to trick you. There must have been some mention in terms and conditions that you’ll suffer from reduced performance or even be shut down once you reach a certain usage level. 

  • Evaluate the plans, prices and resources of different companies

You must compare the prices, plans, and resources offered by different web hosting companies before choosing one. After that, only determine which company is best for you. Most of the time, we end up buying a package that is insufficient for our website. Make sure you don’t get fooled by cheap prices and choose high-quality resources.  

  • Estimate the amount of traffic you will need

Hosting companies usually charge for packages based on RAM, CPU, Storage, and Bandwidth usage. If you think you won’t receive very high traffic initially, then the starter or basic package is sufficient. But, if any of your products go viral or your website features in the top position of search results, then you need an enterprise level package to accommodate the high traffic.

Basically, every company offers at least 3 level packages- Starters package, premium package and enterprise package. So, choose the one that suits you best for your business. 

Wisesolution- The Best VPS Hosting Provider in Thailand

Established in 2010, Wisesolution is one of the top web hosting companies that provide hosting solutions in more than 25 countries. Its hosting services include Shared hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Reseller Hosting. Additionally, If you need a Domain name, SSL certificate, or other security software for your website, you can directly contact the company’s sales team. 

With almost all plans, except shared hosting, you can choose either Linux or Windows as your operating system. There is a relatively small difference in price between these two plans. 

The company’s USP includes:

  • A 20x increase in server speed
  • Easy customization of hardware/software specifications. 
  • Complete control over your Server with root access.
  • Choice of operating system (Linux/Windows).
  • Boost performance for your SEO efforts.
  • Make you avail with Weekly data backups.
  • Provides 24/7/365 immediate support
  • Zero risks, 7 Days money-back guarantee

Check out its official website @ for more information regarding VPS Hosting or other hosting options.


There is a ‘sweet spot’ between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, called a VPS. When your shared hosting refuses to handle your traffic, directly switching to dedicated hosting will be an insane decision. This is where VPS Thailand comes into the picture. VPS Hosting Thailand offers you greater scalability and easy upgradeability to handle traffic spikes without affecting the performance of your website. VPS hardly gives you any downtime while upgrading your plans. So, if you are looking for an affordable option to accommodate the high traffic of your website, then VPS Thailand is the best option to consider.