In order to indicate the power status, Netgear WiFi range extender comes with a power LED. Once you turn on the extender, the power LED starts blinking red and then turns solid green. However, there are a lot of users who get entangled in the Netgear extender power LED issues. Sometimes, the LED remains amber, doesn’t turn on, or keeps blinking. As a result, people can’t use their Netgear wireless extender.

Sensing this need, we have come up with this write-up. Here, we will walk you through various easy ways to get rid of Netgear extender power LED issues. Continue reading.

How to Fix Power LED Issues With Netgear Extender?

1. Power LED is Off

Just in case the power LED on your Netgear extender remains off even after plugging it in, go through the below-given troubleshooting steps to get it fixed:

  • Ensure that the wall socket to which your Netgear wireless extender is connected is properly working and not short-circuited.
  • Check if your Netgear WiFi extender’s hardware is not faulty. In the event that any of the hardware parts of the extender is damaged, get it repaired immediately.
  • Be certain that you are making use of the power adapter that is supplied for your extender within the box.

Once the power LED becomes stable or solid green, access login web page and configure your extender’s settings as per your requirements.

2. Power LED is Blinking

Plugged in your Netgear WiFi range extender but the power LED is blinking? Don’t sweat over it! All you need to do is just apply the following troubleshooting measures:

  • Verify whether the power adapter is properly connected to your Netgear WiFi range extender and a working electrical outlet.
  • The power adapter you use must not include any sort of damages or cuts. If it is worn out, employ a new power adapter right away.
  • In the event that the power light blinks slowly and continuously, it means that the firmware on your extender is corrupted. This occurs if the firmware update is interrupted or the extender detects an issue with the firmware. To fix it, go to mywifiext web page and update your Netgear WiFi range extender’s firmware to the latest version.

3. Power LED Remains Amber

When you turn on the Netgear WiFi range extender, the power LED remains amber for some time and then becomes green. Solid amber power LED means that the Netgear extender is booting. But what if it remains amber? Well, that’s a problem!

To get it fixed, do the following:

  • Turn off your Netgear range extender for some time. Let it take some rest. After that, turn the extender back on again. Now, check the power LED status.
  • In case the power LED is still amber, reset your Netgear extender to the default factory settings. You can reset your extender either via the reset button or by accessing the web interface through IP.
  • On the off chance if you use a surge protector, try to bypass it or connect your Netgear range extender to a different electrical outlet to confirm if the issue is solved now.

So, that’s how you can rectify the Netgear extender power LED issues. Now, set up and install your extender by following the on-screen instructions on Netgear genie setup wizard. Thereafter, connect all your WiFi-enabled devices to the Netgear_ext SSID and enjoy uninterrupted online gaming, web browsing, live streaming, and much more throughout your home.

Which issue you were facing with the power LED of your Netgear extender? Did the aforementioned troubleshooting tactics help you out to fix that? Share your thoughts with us via comments.


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