Educational system in UK
Educational system in UK

Educational system in UK – Without a good education system, no community or a country grows. It’s the people who carry the great and developed future of any state. The first thing any government should consider is how much they invest in their youth to provide the promising future. With every day revolutions, one thing is for sure you need to have a finest education system, where students can rely on especially with their futures.

But out of all countries, is United Kingdom’s education system worth it? All the investments in terms of time and money, are they really becoming a burden or a relief for people studying there in hopes for a great and successful future!

Let’s further discuss what it really is in order to determine the actual and fact based analysis.

Financial Statements

England is one of the most expensive country in the world, with that the loan debt increase rate on students is making it unaffordable. According to the government figure, every ten undergraduates, who started in the year 2018-19, will repay their tuition loan in full arrangement.

The department of education in England says:

 “Our student loans system is designed in a progressive way so that graduates contribute an affordable amount based on their income, and the government subsidises around 47% of the cost of higher education.”

But the issue of the rising debt has fail to resolve under the government politics, leaving students from around the United Kingdom stressed. Even the group of as massive as 4 thousand head teachers wrote a letter to parents warning them about the lack of funding and resources available for students, which can greatly affect the future of poor kids specifically, who are away from the developed technologies.

Mental Health

There can be many aspects for someone to be disturbed mentally, some of the major points that need to be considered in during the student life is as follow;

  • Work with Studies: Working is now a necessity for everyone, even if you are a student. Some of the people have families to support or pay the living while working hard for a promised future. In the United Kingdom, the expenses are quite much to afford, which is forcing to work people extra shifts while enduring the excessive studies work load.
  • Stressful program arrangement: Even the brilliant of student will fail to cope up with the grades, if the pressure and enforcement will be implied on them. It is not beneficial for anyone under any sort of circumstances to burden one with excessive amount of studies. It is one the most important and key point where the mental health of almost every student is challenged. acquiring, storing, and inventorying resources are part of which nims management characteristic?

Sex Education

With the increase in financial needs, schools and other education systems are re-organizing their curriculum activities along with the teaching methods, where some include the sex education knowledge, while the others don’t. Keeping in mind how important it is especially for students under the age of 18. Even though the government has instructed to teach the children over 11 years old, however the parents can withdraw their child from this education at any given time.

Sudden Reforms

As one comes to the settlement with the policies changes, the sudden reforms make it difficult to adopt the changes, education institutes are evolving so rapidly that it is surely getting difficult for everyone out there including the teachers to get used to it all.

Lack of Teachers

When there are lack of teachers, there will always be the lack of knowledge. Students are forced to teach themselves and avail services online like; assignment writing to get their assignments done for how concept base they get without any source of explanation.


With every passing day, the technology is getting vast and advanced, the fact that it’s a necessity now even in our daily life is undeniable. However the educational system in UK is something which need to avail each and every aspect of it. Even the online services like; homework writingare available to help those in need with the fastest technology available. Unfortunately not every student has an access to it with any possible reason, this is what the government needs to look after if they are willing for a bright future of their younger generation.


This is one of the most damaging thing happening in almost every educational institute across United Kingdom. Students bullying each other with no one to stop them, making a huge impact on the mental health as well as the studies. This needs to stop in order to have a safe and positive environment for everyone around either it be a student or a teacher.

Sometimes we fail to understand the importance of education for us, it is not only necessary for a better career opportunity, but also for the sake of being a better human being. A well-educated country or a community is 100 times better and powerful than the wealthy one. They know what’s right for them and what’s not.

Literacy is the necessity of this world with everyday evolving technology, if we fail to keep our education and politics separate, there is no way the country can progress. With all this facts and figures, it is now on you to decide if this educational system in UK is beneficial or a burden for the students of United Kingdom?