Growing a business is no child’s play. First, you need to discover a profitable niche, come up with a feasible idea, and define a target demographic. Secondly, creating the perfect end product to sell or service to perform comes at the price of long, sleepless nights. Whatever you’re offering to the world, getting the word out can be quite challenging in over-saturated markets with fierce competition. Without an adequate marketing strategy to fuel your expansion, staying afloat and turning a profit become unattainable.  

Pinpointing exactly what makes that mind-bending marketing strategy so effective can often be likened to rocket science. How is your message going to reach the right audience effectively? What does it take to boost visibility and convert traffic into leads and sales

Businesses are vying for their fair share of attention from social media and are employing many methods, some more inspiring than others. Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field, where changing consumer behaviour and technological advances reshape trends and call for improved and updated marketing tactics. 

To ensure the long-term financial health of your business, in-house efforts are not always enough, and relying on experts outside your marketing team can open up a wide range of possibilities. Search engine optimisation, for instance, can look frightening, but it’s more effective than a pay-per-click strategy, and taking advantage of link building services will get you where you want without needing blood, sweat, and tears. 

As stated above, trends are ever-shifting, and today they call for strategies built around the following aspects. 

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Facebook retargeting ads 

With helpful Facebook ads, you can market just about anything today and reach the exact, specific audience you want effortlessly. Why not take advantage of the brilliant algorithm that allows you to build your target audience using information such as geographic location and relationship status? Say you are going to sell make-up. In this case, getting your ad to as many men as women won’t be as effective as delivering it to the latter category. Of course, you’d generate some sales, but not as many as if you targeted women.

However, there’s a trick here that goes beyond the click-traffic. It’s about focusing on conversions and using Facebook pixel to retarget your website visitors. With a pixel installed on your website, you can build an audience consisting of people who visited specific pages on it. It’s like gathering everyone who would give your offerings a shot in a large room and presenting them with your business.

Search engine optimisation

There has always been something intriguing about search engine optimisation, or SEO as it’s known, owing to this field’s complexity and ever-changing nature. But the fact that it keeps evolving with the best user practices and search engine technology advances is what makes it an effective marketing strategy. 

SEO satisfies Google’s search algorithms, helping your website rank higher on SERPs and increasing visibility. A good SEO strategy adapts to changing consumer behaviour, but as it’s easier said than done, more than aspiring for an effective one is needed. As managers struggle to grasp the basics of complex SEO, experts from shed light on this topic and take some weight off entrepreneurs’ shoulders regarding their digital marketing strategy.

Video-based content and live streaming 

The average human attention span can range from 2 to over 20 minutes, but generally, it’s considered to be somewhere around 10. This means that the more information you want to put forward, the greater the need for it to be summarised effectively. What better way to catch a user’s attention than an eye-catching video that gains interest from the first seconds? 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that live video streaming is among the most powerful trends in 2023, as video is highly consumed by Gen Z and millennials. From Instagram reels to TikToks, marketers rely on them to engage with potential customers and familiarise the targeted audience with their products. 

User-generated content

User-generated content is created by consumers rather than brands and is the new “word-of-mouth”. This type of content is original and can take the form of anything from unboxing videos and photo tags to branded hashtags. You know them and are likely fed up with all the marketing on your social media, but remember that they lead to brand awareness, and a sound and informative piece of content can be inspiring. 

Consumers are more inclined to trust user-generated content, and since anyone can create it, it’s understandable why it makes a valuable tool for your marketing strategy. 

Influencer-brand relationship 

Historically, word-of-mouth has been among the most effective ways to make a product known. People are inclined to give a product a shot if someone trustworthy recommends it. Influencer marketing, involving a partnership between an individual and a brand with a particular niche, updates this concept for today’s new digital era. Among the most important reasons why professionals use influencer services and why you’d also be inclined to use them is to generate leads, build trust and authority, and connect to a wider market. 

Interactive content 

Interactive content is everywhere: quizzes, games, contests, infographics, and videos. The days when passive consumption and static posts were everything the internet had to offer are gone. Marketers are creating two-way experiences to stimulate active engagement from their target audience. 

It’s a cost-effective content strategy that will gain ground in 2023, and it’s hard not to give it a try if you’re looking to improve audience engagement and increase your brand’s loyalty. 

If there’s anything that marketers have learned so far, it’s that they should acknowledge the fact that they can always be taken aback by certain trends. The ever-changing nature of digital marketing creates new opportunities. To stay on top of your game, you have to keep an open mind and figure out ways the upcoming trends can benefit your business and your marketing efforts.