Hire a hacker

You’ve got an idea. It should be a mobile application. You can imagine how people could utilize it. But you’ll need help in building it because you can’t build it on your own. You’re not a technology expert, and you’ll need to Hire a hacker. But how do you get someone who is one and aren’t sure what to do?

Make it exciting

There are currently 4-5 opportunities for each hacker. How can your chances be different? What can you offer? Keep in mind that the most important quality of a good hacker is their passion for programming. In “Great Hackers,” Paul Graham says, “Ordinary programmer write codes to pay their bills. Hackers who are great think of doing it to have enjoyment and are happy to see people be willing to pay for it.” Make sure you take the time to think about the idea you’d like to create and what you could provide. Create your concept as appealing as is possible. Begin by giving a hacker an intriguing problem to tackle.

Start Small

If you’re beginning your idea, don’t overburden a hacker by presenting the big picture. Make sure you build Version 1. Limit your 100 features to three crucial features. Inform hackers about what you’d like the product to accomplish and what you’re attempting to achieve. You can leave out any information that the programmers don’t need to be aware of.

Contributions to Open Source

Some of the most renowned firms like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo are now using hacker’s contributions to open-source to gauge technical proficiency and enthusiasm for programming. They typically program throughout the day and then contribute to the open-source community at night and for no cost! This is what makes hackers from open source enthusiastic about their work. Keep in mind that anyone passionate about their work tends to be more trustworthy and reliable.

Proudest Projects

Ask a hacker to provide details on three projects she is the happiest with. You may not understand how she built it, but you’ll be able to see what she created. This will give you the chance to look at what you’d like but perhaps not understand.


While Professional hackers for hire are essentially self-managing, they still need to learn how they manage to complete something on time. Discuss with her the successes and failures she’s had in delivering something. Learn about the lessons from those failures. Likely, you won’t be able to comprehend the entirety of her words, but you’ll be able to hear her voice.

Test Drive

Since most hackers are employed, It’s now more important than ever to find those who aren’t actively seeking employment. Do not get stuck in an ‘all or nothing mode. Everybody wants to be a tech co-founder or a full-time hacker. Full-time hackers are offered six figures, which comes with a variety of advantages. Make a point of what you can accomplish and strive to achieve those things that seem beyond your reach.

What is their method of communication?

Communication is among the primary reasons that determine whether a project succeeds or is not successful. If the candidate doesn’t communicate effectively during the interview, that will not change once hired. If you’re not transparent initially, they’ll probably leave them off the boat once they have discovered the truth. As you’re only aware of some programming basics, it will be challenging to understand what’s going on. Look for someone who can explain technical terms in a manner that you, as a non-technical person, will be able to comprehend.