ENT disorders have become common these days. Every human is suffering from some sort of ENT infection or disease. ENT denotes ears, nose, and throat; any ailments that affect these sensory organs will be called ENT disorder.

Issues in your sensory organs can lead to other severe issues that might need surgical treatment. Hence, it is advised to look after your organs and prevent these disorders.

When you are living in a polluted city like Delhi, where air pollution is at its max, you need to be highly careful regarding these disorders. The pollution in the air can lead to many throat-related problems. It is advised to visit your ENT specialist in Delhi, who can guide you regarding the prevention and protection. 

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Many ENT disorders may require operative treatment. Such expensive operations can be covered with your Bajaj Health EMI Card to conduct cashless treatments.

What Are The Common ENT Disorders That You Should Be Aware Of?

There are plenty of ENT disorders that you must be aware of in order to prevent it.

#1 Tonsillitis

It is an infection in your tonsils that can cause severe pain in your throat. Tonsillitis is caused by mono, cold, or strep throat. If you have severe inflammation and infection, it can last for a longer period of time. You would need to go through treatments like a tonsillectomy. At times, you might have to go through difficulty in swallowing and breathing. You must consult your ENT specialist to understand what are the complications regarding your disorder. There are different types of surgical removal that are meant for varied conditions.

#2 Ear Infection

Just like the name suggests, this is an infection in your ear that occurs when germs and bacteria enter your ear and get trapped. An ear infection may cause drainage issues ain or hearing loss. It is commonly found in children as they are more vulnerable to germs. The symptoms of an ear infection may include balance issues, fever, and chronic pain. It is important to address the issue at the earliest, especially in children, as it can lead to hearing issues. You must detect the symptoms at the earliest and consult your ENT specialist to get proper treatment.

#3 Sinus Infection

Sinuses are the cavities in the skull that are found around the eyes and nose. These are responsible for vocal resonance. Sinus infection happens when these cavities are infected due to a virus or bacteria. Sinuses can also get inflamed by allergies or other infectious conditions. This may cause difficulty in breathing, bad breath, toothache, severe headache, and many other health complications. There are different stages of sinus infection, and it is imperative to tackle it at the beginning.

#4 Sleep Apnea

It is an ENT disorder that is common in both adults and kids. It is a brief termination of breathing when you are sleeping. There are plenty of reasons behind sleep apnea, and two of the common reasons are overweight and smaller airways. The symptoms of sleep apnea are quite common, which makes it even more difficult to detect the issue at the earliest. Some of the common symptoms include headaches, fatigue, nausea. There are severe symptoms as well, such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, high blood pressure, etc. There are treatments and therapies for sleep apnea that you need to adopt.

#5 Adenoid Infection

There is a lump of tissue at the back of your nose and above tonsils; it is called adenoid. It is typically a lymph node that helps in fighting infection. But there are instances when your adenoid can be infected that can last for weeks and months. You will have swollen or puffy nose, severe headache, or cough if you have an adenoid infection. It is important to see your ENT specialist and get the medications. Oral antibiotics are great for reducing infection. In case your infection is severe, you may have to get your adenoid removed.

The Bottom Line

The common ENT disorders that are increasing day to day are a result of growing pollution. Whether it is ear infection or tonsillitis, many ENT diseases are caused by pollution. When you are living in cities like Delhi, you need to be extra cautious about your health and follow all the precautionary measures to keep yourself safe. ENT disorders can take a severe turn if they are not addressed at the right time. You need to adopt the best treatment for your ear infection that can provide an ideal solution.