If you decide to make big changes in the field of your activity, then, in this case, you will need to work a little on your resume. When changing activities, you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to start a new career from a lower position and a lower salary. But if your current job does not suit you at all, you finally understand for yourself that you are no longer ready to engage in, for example, accounting, then a slight deviation back in the future will give you a lot.

First, by doing your favorite activity, you will enjoy your work. A new direction is always new knowledge, which gives us additional energy and brightness in life.

Secondly, when you have found your calling, you are completely satisfied with your new job, then it will be much easier to do a career change and make a career. In fact, only those who make a quick career, who do what they love by their inner recognition. You will want to do your job at 100%, you will enjoy it, all this will affect your mood, appearance, the atmosphere in the team, which will not slow down to affect your salary increase.

What to look for when writing a resume if you are making a major difference in your career.

What you should know before making a career change

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1. You need to remember all your hobbies and activities in your free time. You didn’t just invent it from whole cloth: I don’t want to be an accountant anymore, I want to be a press secretary.

Surely, you feel such a need, because you do something outside of work. Perhaps you enjoy socializing and sharing certain information with your friends. Perhaps you are blogging on some topic of interest to you, your articles are constantly read and thanked for providing valuable information. Perhaps you love reading books about the corporate culture of companies and know what you need to do to attract new customers and retain old ones.

2. Think of all your hobbies and interests and write them down on the same sheet where you described your dream job a little earlier. For all of this you will need to write your cv. Remember, a resume is your presentation. And because, how competently and brightly it will be written, your further career may depend.

For example, someone used to work as an accountant, but no longer can and does not want to be friends with numbers, make reports, and a calculator has recently caused unpleasant feelings. But such a specialist has been blogging for a year and writing articles about state innovations in the field of accounting. Over the course of a year, such a blog could have accumulated more than 200 subscribers who are eagerly awaiting new articles, and thank you for providing information.

One of the options for changing activities, in this case, is the transition to copywriters of a large accounting portal or a press secretary of a company that sells software for accountants. In this case, it is necessary to mention in the resume:

  • last place of employment: 01/01/2012 – present-day Khimlex LLC – senior accountant;
  • responsibilities: (here we write at least 5 – 7 items);
  • and also indicate: 09/01/2011 – present time – writing articles for a blog dedicated to changes in legislation and accounting. It is also desirable to note: more than 200 written articles, more than 300 subscribers.

In this case, the recruiter will see and understand that you already have additional experience in the field of copywriting.

Or, for example, while working as an accountant, you constantly attended all kinds of exhibitions, conferences, analyzed the most famous and popular Internet sites in your direction – mention this information. For any press secretary, knowledge of key Internet websites, online events in a particular area is almost the most important skill in their work. The most important thing during big changes in your career is to remember your dream and not give up. You will definitely find a dream job, you just need a little time, patience, and belief in yourself.