Pet Insurance:

When we adopt any pet, they are no longer animals. They become an integral part of our family. Most of us refer to them as our furry babies and unknowingly we become their human parents. Our family pictures and even vacations are incomplete without them. If any of our family members is hurt or sick, it indeed breaks our hearts. And if it is our pet, then the level of being hurt is extrapolated by many more times. 

Taking them to a vet is a whole other task. Their bills and medicines surely burn a big hole in our pockets. We always have insurance to take care of our monetary matters for us, then why not for our pets? There is this whole new segment in the insurance industry called “Pet Insurance”. Let us learn more about that in the article further.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance is the term coined for insurance that will take care of many aspects of our pets and their health. The way we take health Insurance for human family members, the same way there is insurance for our furry family members too. Like normal health insurance, pet insurance helps us to cover veterinary expenses for our dog or cat in case of accidents or health emergencies.

As we know, raising a pet and being a pet parent is not easy. There are plenty of expenses like pet foods, grooming supplies, vaccines, medications, and many more. Add to this, the cost of veterinary treatments is always on the increasing end due to advances in animal healthcare. Best Pet Insurance will help to safeguard the overall health and well-being of the pets. It also helps to get the best possible treatments and lawful support in the case of unexpected and unfortunate events.

How will Pet Insurance help me?

With the ever-rising inflation, raising pets have become a pricy affair. Providing our furry buddies with all their needs, we forget how our bank balance is affected. We end up spending thousands of bucks now and then, which leaves us in financial crisis at times.

If our pet is insured, we can give ourselves and our pet a peaceful and happy life. Below are a few perks of buying pet insurance:

Insurance is the assurance of the best care: Your loved animal will always get the best treatments and medical facilities if they are covered under an insurance policy.

Affordable and saves extra spending: While in insurance you surely will have to pay small premium amounts, you will realize how wise a decision it is when you calculate the routine veterinary expenses, medical treatments, or surgeries. 

Ease expensive treatments: Unfortunately, even our furry buddies can face critical or terminal diseases anytime in their lifetime. While treatments for these illnesses are very expensive but with pet insurance you can offer them the best possible one. 

Pets are prone to accidents too: You cannot always protect your furry buddy from the accidents that come their way. Pet insurance can be your savior in such times.

Other benefits: Some insurance providers also give insurance coverage at the time like overseas travel, pets getting stolen, and third-party damages. Some even offer pet funeral coverage in their policies.

Types of pet insurance

People like to adopt various types of animals around the globe. A different animal may have different insurance. But majorly Dogs and Cats are covered in Pet insurance Policies:

Dog Insurance: Dogs are the most common pet in the world. And there has been an escalation in dog adoptions during the pandemic, as they are human’s best friends. Dog insurances are customized insurance plans for pet dogs, which ensure pets’ safety at all times. Insurance will make sure that your furry pal is in its best health and will also keep you away from financial distress.

Cat Insurance: Cat insurances are another customized insurance plan for pet cats, which safeguards them from clumsy falls and bad health. Cat insurance will help your cat pal to be in the fittest mode always.

Pet Insurance Inclusions

These criteria are different for different policies and their providers. But some basics are as follows:

  • Critical illness
  • Surgeries
  • Accidents
  • Vaccinations
  • Routine checks
  • Dental treatments
  • Deaths
  • Lost or stolen pets
  • Third-party damage

Eligibility of age criteria:

Depending on the insurer, this can be anywhere between 2 months to 10 years. It is different for cats and dogs. It also varies according to the breeds and pre-insurance health of an animal.


One should always try and get their pets insured for safety and affordability. Also, one must always read and understand all the policy points carefully before buying it.