Residential interior design is a project that a company takes up personal properties instead of commercial properties. Interior design is integral to any architecture project. Architecture is the foundation, but interior design makes it a whole package. Design Symposium, one of the best architecture firms in Delhi and one of the best interior design firms in Delhi NCR, takes up residential interior design projects. At the Design Symposium, they believe in valuing their customer’s demands and fulfilling them within the timeframe promised. Their wide portfolio also includes, along with residential interior design projects, commercial interior design projects that range from hospitality, to retail, to office sit-outs. Residential interior designing isn’t limited to designing new homes, it also includes revamping homes, condos, and apartments.

What Are The Duties Of Residential Interior Designers?

As professional residential interior designers, companies need to build a working relationship with their customer base, understand their needs and be able to visualise what they want from the client and the project. They must possess the creative minds of an artist, but also possess the technical genius of an engineer. Design Symposium works on these two parameters seamlessly.

What Skills Residential Interior Designers Must Possess?


Residential interior designers need to have good communication skills as they would be expected and required to connect with multiple contractors, developers, skilled labour, municipal officials, and property managers. It is important to be able to convey what they need and to be able to get the job done accordingly and in a timely manner.

Technical Skills

Creating a viable and practical design for the residential home interior project is very crucial. Design Symposium is equipped with experts and designers who have deep knowledge about everything from raw materials, colours, textures to safety regulations and more. Creating a beautiful interior space is a task and it takes a team to do it without any hitch!

Management Skills

The central focus of Design Symposium has always been and will always be timely delivery, cost-effective solution, client satisfaction and the most importantly, quality. Other than that, one must also be good at proposing projects and maintaining good client relationships that can turn into business at any given time.

What Kind Of Residential Interior Design?

It is a large working area. Everything from ceiling and floor to furnishing and finishing touches comes under residential interior design and hence, the residential architect and residential interior designer need to understand what the space needs and what it takes to achieve the vision for the space. Nowadays, eco-friendly interior designs are quite sought-after, as a lot of homeowners are getting cautious of their lifestyles and their carbon footprints. This is something that can be considered by the residential interior designers and architects too, while preparing the structure and during the subsequent designing of the space.

To give your residential space a radical makeover, contact Design Symposium, one of the best architectural and interior design firms in Delhi NCR. End-to-end support and service when it comes to designing your home, apartment or even a small space in your home, Design Symposium is equipped to provide you with all the services that you may need and more. They also offer services such as civil work, plumbing, and HVAC, in short, working with you as a team towards fulfilling the end goal. They are also into furniture customisation, making them a one-stop-shop when it comes to revamping the interior décor of your home.

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