Truecaller is a mobile application that is used to identify caller, block caller, block messages, voice chat, and call recording. It requires the internet and a mobile number to register with Truecaller. With over 200 million users, almost 500 million people have downloaded it. Now you can estimate its popularity.  There are two modified versions of Truecaller, one is Truecaller gold APK, and the second is Truecaller premium APK. These versions include some additional features with improved functionalities. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Truecaller Premium APK

Call recording feature

When we select the best applications that enable us to see the caller ID, then Truecaller is undeniable. Any kind of call no matter what number it is, who called us, Truecaller can detect its caller ID quickly. Users will appreciate being able to see who is contacting them and prevent mistaking critical calls for spam ones. Users can also check the anonymous numbers or names through Truecaller call history. You can record unlimited calls. During recording, you can also chat with people without any worry. The call recording feature is not available in android Q and pie devices.

There are many essential calls that you need to remember or just wish to keep the conversation with people you care about. Truecaller call recording function will automatically record the call audio to your smartphone memory and will fulfill that requirement. Aside from that, the app includes a lot of important features like sharing your location or the ability to text. Share location will help other people to find you easily. 

No more advertisement

The free version of Truecaller will be getting bored when it comes to advertisements. Whenever you record a call or do any other task through Truecaller, you have to go through an advertisement first. So annoying! But the premium version provides a hassle-free advertisement feature. Use any feature of Truecaller without getting stuck in an advertisement. 

Incognito mode

Another best feature of premium Truecaller is the incognito mode. It is similar to the Google Chrome incognito mode. When you go incognito mode in Chrome, third parties will not be able to see your activity or hack your location. In Truecaller, You can see any person’s profiles without knowing them. They will not know that you are watching them. 

Premium badge

In the free version, when you make a call, the other person will see you as a local caller. But after becoming a premium member, whenever you call someone you will look professional due to the premium badge. The premium badge will show on your profile. It is best for sellers who sell products, they will look professional. 

Truecaller Gold APK

The main difference between premium and Gold is that when you call someone your profile ID will appear as gold with a gold badge and gold number. It will look way more professional. Everything will contain a gold design. 


Truecaller premium gold gathers or combines data from many sources, and users refresh the spam blacklist on a daily basis. When you see that the calling number is strange you just need to mark it as a block. You can also report this number.

Priority-based response

Truecaller Gold members receive faster replies to their inquiries from support employees.


Truecaller premium is far better than the free version due to its amazing features. Truecaller gold APK contains all features of premium, in addition, it contains a gold badge that will make you different from normal people. Download it now and become a Truecaller premium gold member and increase your popularity among contacts.

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