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Womens pleated trousers: to pleat or to not pleat?

Women’s trousers have been an essential part of a working women’s wardrobe due to their high functionality when compared to skirts and the extra mobility they offer. But have you wondered why trousers got popular in the first place and why womens pleated trousers came into existence?

The pleats in these women’s trousers were created to add more room. Pleats add a very elegant and classic look to trousers. Pleats are folds of trouser fabric that are stitched together for a more gathered look around the waistband. Pockets are often included in the case of women’s pleated trousers.

While pleats find a place in women’s formal attire, it is worth noting that not many prefer pleated trousers due to the extra volume it carries around the waist which can make an already large body frame seem larger. Additionally, you can have pleats on your trousers altered to minimize space between pleats or increase fold size to create a fit that adds fitting to your waist.

Why womens pleated trousers have pleats though?

To add more room when you sit!

Everyone understands the fact that it can get really uncomfortable to sit wearing a tight-fitting pair of trousers. Based on the human anatomy, when we sit, our hips tend to expand and while sitting in a skirt or dress is uber comfortable and easy, it may not be the same with womens pleated trousers.

Adding pleats at the front functions as extra space that can be used while sitting. This way, even when you are sitting for longer durations, you will not feel uncomfortable.

The pleat-y problem

So, while pleats add to a pant’s functionality, why are women’s pleated trousers not so common?

Pleats are made by pressing or stitching the trouser fabric at the front, right under the waist. The larger the pleats, the more they will expand when you sit. And that’s the problem with them.

Pleats when not put together adequately can create a messy look and add extra weight at the front.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Consider alterations if the pleats are creating more room than required
  • Follow the washing instructions to ensure that your women’s pleated trousers are retaining shape and texture
  • Determine what type of pleats you want and convey them to your designer during the alteration process

Women’s Pleated Trousers at Work!

Who doesn’t love extra room to sit comfortably in and the undeniably powerful look a pair of trousers can add to your everyday workwear is worth exploring. Womens pleated trousers are definitely a clothing item that’s absolutely worth having in your wardrobe.

Trousers became part of a working women’s closet centuries ago. Initially as a form of protest and later due to comfort and convenience. With ever-evolving design trends and technological advancements in the sewing and tailoring industry, womens pleated trousers have become more common now and the luxury of having them altered to fit your body type is such a bonus!

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