Before his arrest, Jose Trinidad Marin was an unemployed, low-profile person in Los Angeles, California. He owned a coffee shop which was the primary source of income. The couple was Jennie Rivera, aged 15 years young. Their marriage lasted for two years, but they broke up and divorced. Both were incarcerated for various offenses, including rape and assault of a sexual nature.

Trino Marin married Jenni Rivera in the year he was only 16. He was pregnant while Jenni Rivera was at high school, having the couple’s first child, Chiquis Rivera, in 1985. The couple was blessed with three children together. The marriage broke up in 1992, and their two children split up. They have a sibling and three kids. Their relationship, however, did not last long, as Trino Marin is currently being held for life in prison.

In the late 1990s, Trino Marin was married to Jenni Rivera at 16 years older. He proposed to her marriage at the age of twenty, and they divorced after a short time. The couple had three kids, which included Michael Marin. The relationship ended when ended after Jenni applied for divorce. After the split, Jenni and Trino separated, and the kids were separated from the mother of their children, Jenni. Despite his success as a commercial entrepreneur, Trino had a troubled family life. The father of his children was a drug addict who had a relationship with his wife and later got married.

Trino Marin was once a renowned musician. In the late 2000s, He was convicted of sexual assault and rape. Additionally, being in jail, he was also convicted of sexually assaulting his wife, Jenni Rivera, and the two daughters: Jacqie and Chiquis. Even though he’s in prison, his relationship with Jenni is not perfect. Despite being imprisoned, Trino Marin has kept good relations with his daughters.

Alongside being an actor with a reputable name and actor, he also has a lengthy list of relationships. His wife is Jenni Rivera, who is his second wife. Their three kids were born, including Chiquis, in 1985 and one daughter, Jenni. Despite his popularity as a musician, his wife claimed that he was a victim of abuse with a weapon, and the allegations of abuse continued to impact his children.

His parents are unidentified; Jenni Rivera is an acclaimed American artist and musician. She claims Jose was sexually assaulting her in the course of a marriage in 1991 and was later found guilty and sentenced for the crime of 31 years of prison. The couple split in 1992, and his ex-wife remains in jail. Although their relationship has ended, His family has kept him from the media.

Apart from his famous relationship, he is known for his secret life. He got engaged to Jenni in 2006, and their romance was kept secret for quite a while. Before their marriage, the couple was not well-known to the general public. After their wedding, their relationship increased, and he was sentenced to prison for 31 years. In 2012 the couple was released following being found guilty of misconduct and threatening his wife.

Originating originally from Mexico, Trino Marin’s wife, Jenni, is a former model in fashion who lives in LA. The couple has three daughters and four sons, and one of them is his first, Michael. The couple split in 1992. Although Jenni had three kids, she was also the only woman to marry an American citizen.

While he is famous for his romantic life, the main reason for his fame is his criminal record. He had a fling with Jenni in his previous marriage, Jenni Rivera. He then moved into the United States and married Trino. They then became a couple; However, their relationship was private until Rosie was accused of it.