With so many various beautiful patterns and brilliant colors to select from, finding the finest pair of Muay Thai gloves may be difficult.

What are Muay Thai gloves, exactly?

Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, is a Thai martial art. It’s a type of kickboxing that’s performed in a boxing ring, but you may also use your elbows and knees. This is why it is referred to as ‘The Art of the Eight Limbs.’

Muay Thai gloves are similar to boxing gloves in appearance, but there are a few variances. Most Muay Thai fans prefer to train using Thai-made gloves because they provide a more realistic experience.

The designs of Muay Thai and boxing gloves are one of the most noticeable variances. Muay Thai gloves stand out because to their vibrant color schemes and imaginative artwork prints.

The second major distinction is that they tend to be a little squarer or heavier in appearance, whereas boxing gloves are often slimmer.

What Muay Thai gloves do you require?

There are two types of muay thai gloves online. You can purchase velcro or lace up shoes.

Velcro gloves are the most popular choice for all forms of training. This is due to the fact that the velcro closure is incredibly user friendly, since it is simple to put on and take off.

In a Muay Thai session, you’ll need to remove your gloves between rounds to change pad holders or just get a sip of water, so you’ll need to do it swiftly to keep the class moving.

Lace-up gloves are the most common type of combat gloves. This form of glove has laces at the palm that are knotted around the wrist, ensuring a customized precise fit.

The only disadvantage to lace up gloves is that they require an extra pair of hands to put on and take off, which is why you don’t see them in training class very frequently.

How big should your Muay Thai gloves be?

The size you require is determined by your size and the use of the gloves. Training gloves, heavy bag gloves, or Muay Thai sparring gloves are all options. It is critical to wrap your hands before putting on any pair of gloves.

Many Muay Thai brands start with a 4oz size, which is the size of a toddler’s Muay Thai glove. A 6oz glove is likewise a children’s glove, however it is better appropriate for youngsters aged 6 to 10.

Muay Thai competitions commonly use 8oz and 10oz Muay Thai gloves as the official weights. This size of glove is also suitable for training gloves for juniors, tiny ladies, and women of smaller stature. This size will feel wonderful while hitting the pads because the smaller size will not impair your technique.

12 oz gloves are a nice size for a training glove for those who want a bit more weight to help with their training.

Sparring gloves in the sizes of 14oz and 16oz Muay Thai gloves are suggested since they have greater padding for protection. These are also suitable for heavy bag work.


Because you’re already planning on getting a pair of muay thai gloves online, now is a good time to obtain your Muay Thai shin guards and shorts.

As previously said, Muay Thai gloves are available in a variety of colors and styles, so matching shin guards and shorts will not only look beautiful, but you will also save money by purchasing a Muay Thai package deal.