Why Do Experts Recommend Solar Solutions in Colorado?

Having a concern for the surrounding environment is becoming trendy among the residents of Colorado.

This is the main reason why roofing companies in Colorado have also seen a significant increase in the number of house owners that are looking forward to installing solar panels on their rooftops.

Not forgetting to mention that Colorado State has extensively emphasized preserving and protecting the environment. 

Colorado is one of the top-ranked states and coming at 11th position among the US states for the number of solar units installed on both household and commercial buildings.

The sunshine-rich state of Colorado consistently gets adequate sunlight to support the energy needs of Colorado residents with the help of solar units. 

So, it doesn’t come as astonishment that roofing corporations in Colorado, such as Red Oak Exteriors and many other locally owned roofing companies, promote solar panels and related products.

There are loads of reasons why roofing companies support solar panel installation as it has so many benefits. Thus, this article will discuss some of the major reasons why you should opt for solar solutions.

Roofing Contractors Offering Solar Panel Installation Services 

In history, roofing contractors didn’t manage solar panel installation schemes. However, now there are professional roofing contractors available in Colorado that likewise specialize in solar panel installation projects.

Unless you have a brand, new roof installed at your home, you usually must replenish your home roofing before installing solar panels. Solar panels are mounted on top of the roof. 

It requires to be in high-grade condition to handle the solar panels. Besides, a solar panel structure can persist for up to 25 years or more, while your roof structure may not last that deep.

So, it is a great approach to have your roof repaired before fitting solar panels on it. Usually, you would have to obtain professional roofing services for roof reinstallation and a solar panel installation service individually. 

Now that companies are helping in both regards, you can get the roofing and solar panel installation completed solely by hiring a company that provides both.

Colorado State Government Supports Solar Panel Installation

An added reason due to which roofing companies are in favor of solar panels in Colorado is that the government of Colorado state is also backing solar panel installation. There are loads of incentives in the shape of discounts granted to those who install solar panels on their rooftops. 

So, by these extra benefits, solar panels have additionally become an attractive venture for residents of Colorado. Colorado strives to achieve 100% of its power from renewable sources such as solar energy by 2040.

You also get a federal tax rebate by installing a solar panel. ITC allows you to deduct up to 26 percent of total solar panel installation cost from your federal taxes if you install a solar panel. 

Colorado state government goes one step further and allows property tax rebates along with rebates on the purchase of solar power systems along with other benefits. 

Installing Solar Panels Can Maximize your Savings   

As we mentioned above, installing solar panels on your roof is an investment. Unlike some other states, Colorado gets more than 300 days of sunlight every year, which means you can run your home on solar energy almost all year round.

The amount of energy you can get from a roof-mounted solar system depends on the number of panels and how well they have been installed. 

National Roofing Contractors Association recommends getting your solar power system installed by a company that is familiar with both roofing and solar system installation.

This reason is why residential roofing services and even commercial roofers are offering both roofing and PV installation services. With a properly installed solar system, you can save up substantially in reduced electricity bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Do solar panels benefit the environment?

Yes, solar panels benefit the environment and make it greener as it is a renewable source of energy and does not emit pollutants as byproducts.

It has several health benefits, and it reduces the greenhouse gas emissions that majorly contribute to climate change. Solar panels are a clean energy source, and it should be used as the main source of energy.

2- What will happen if my solar panels get covered in snow?

Solar panels turn sunlight into electricity, so if they are covered with snow, they will not produce any electricity.

3- Should I replace my roof before installing solar panels?

If your roof needs maintenance, then you should get it fixed before installing solar panels.

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