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Since the time I was a child, I’ve been intrigued by the magnificence of South India. Given this fascination, I leaped with delight when one of my client meetings came up in Vijayawada. After all, I have always yearned to visit this stunning city. 

With a vibrant history of over 14 centuries, Vijayawada is a stunning city with multiple layers. This second-largest city in Andhra Pradesh state is a treasure trove of history, culture, and heritage, while its contemporary touch is equally appealing for tourists like me. 

From the lofty gopurams in the old town, antique rock-cut caverns, and parks to age-old temples, forts, natural escapades, and museums, there is a lot I discovered and experienced in the city like a true local by booking a reliable car rental in Vijayawada with a local driver.

Here are some places that I explored during my fun-filled trip to Vijaywada: 

  • Undavalli Caves

A stunning testimony to the city’s vibrant culture, history, and heritage, the Undavalli Caves is a collection of rock-cut temples situated amidst lush greenery. These caves, devoted to Lord Narasimha and Lord Padmanabha, date back to over 13 centuries and are cut out of a single sandstone bottom. While exploring the motifs and structures of these caves, I also came across spectacular Buddhist and Jain designs. 

Furthermore, a quick hike from the Undavalli Caves took me to a serene spot where I got to witness the exceptional vistas of the Krishna River. These caves, deemed one of the finest examples of the Gupta-style ancient architecture, are a fantastic place to visit in Vijayawada for architecture connoisseurs and history buffs like me.

  • Bhavani Island

The next stop on my Vijayawada sightseeing trip was the famous Bhavani Island. This island, spread over 50 hectares and located in the center of the famous Krishna River, is one of the longest river islands in the country. Apart from witnessing the fascinating riverside view, I also enjoyed a fun boat ride, took a dip in the water, and indulged in different adventure and water sports activities. 

While there is 24/7 access to the island, the water sports and adventure activities have limited timings. With its peaceful ambiance, verdant gardens, and stunning natural backdrops, Bhavani Island is one of the most picture-perfect picnic spots in Vijayawada to enjoy a peaceful evening and introspect for some time. 

  • Kondapalli Fort

The architectural ruins of Kondapalli Fort, famously known as Kondapalli Kota, let me experience the ancient glory of Vijayawada. Also, nestled in a hilly area, built approximately 700-years ago, this famous fort is a serene spot where I spent hours scouring its ramparts. The forests surrounding this fort have some good hiking tracks for people who want to hike a little further. Moreover, the multiple viewpoints around the fort make it a favorite place for nature lovers and photographers. 

  •  Kanaka Durga Temple

Straddled on the lofty Indrakeeladri Hill, Kanaka Durga Temple is the most famous Hindu temple in Vijayawada, with its history entwined with the city’s essence. According to ancient folklore, this temple was built by the Pandava prince Arjuna and was devoted to the Goddess Durga. The god here is believed to be swayambhu or self-manifested, and the sanctum accommodates a 4-feet towering idol of the goddess Durga, decorated with ornaments and flowers. 

With this, my adventurous trip to Vijayawada came to an end. However, coming here and witnessing all these beautiful places gave me memories to cherish for a lifetime and the comfortable ride of Hyderabad cabs truly made my trip more relaxing.