Facebook spy app
Facebook spy app

As we all know in the modern era social media is part of life now. Whether you belong to any age group you surely use social media apps like Facebook for any purpose. You can use it for reconnecting with your old buddies or maybe finding new friends. These days there is much more fun stuff on this app and sharing memes is a very common and popular thing. Every day you can find new and funny stuff that will divert your mind for at least some time from your daily life problems and workload or maybe homework. But like everything has pros and cons just like that this thing also has some problems. The use of the app for good or bad purposes depends on the user. Over time it has become a popular obsession of teenage boys and girls. They can forget to have their meal, but they will never forget to post pictures of yesterday’s event and also the latest fashion design or some game’s new features and of course some memes on their statuses.

As we all know excessiveness of anything is a curse. When we use something more frequently than there is a chance that useless things just get stuck in our heads and probably some little things became big in our minds. For example, nowadays bullying is very common on Facebook, teenage boys and girls take awkward pictures of their school fellows and then upload them on social media and within seconds it became viral. Young boys and girls became so serious and feel embarrassed that these things make them take serious action like suicide.

Now the point is how to monitor these things and save your loved ones from some big trouble because as a parent you can’t stop your children from using these apps. They may think that you are old fashion and you don’t understand the technology and it will complicate things and will also disturb your parent-child relationship.

At a young age, little things take a lot of space in a young mind and those little things look so important that you think, maybe it’s the end of the world and you don’t feel like sharing it with your parents. For example, if you are sad that no one replied to your status or someone blocked you on Facebook then you can take it personally and think that there might be some issue with your personality.  Or if someone is a victim of blackmailing, they might fear sharing about this with parents because of the consequences.  After reading all that you may be thinking that life is tough in the modern era. Technology helps you in different forms but it also raises a lot of problems. So how to monitor your children without breaking their trust and protecting them from those difficult situations which they don’t discuss openly or help them without making it a big deal is important.

For all these and other problems, I have a solution and it will surely help you in the future, to monitor your child’s activities on social media what if he or she is using too much Facebook then you can see that by using the OgyMogy Facebook spy app

Check Their Friend List:

Usually, children want to increase their social circle and friend list for clicks. You can check that from the OgyMogy app that in the race of finding new friends are they adding strangers just to increase their friend list.

Check The Unread Messages:

If they have a lot of unread messages then you can also read their message box and find out who is texting and what are they saying.

Find Out About The Audio and Video Calls:

And if you are suspicious that who is calling them all the time then you can also check their call logs. You can get to know their incoming, outgoing, missed calls using the cell phone tracker control panel. It enables you to see whom your child has received calls with the date and time of that call. Find out every detail with the magical FaceBook spy app.

All these and many more social media problems can be solved by using the OGYMOGY app.


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