Facebook Touch

Facebook touch is exciting and several amazing features available only by H5 mobile apps. If you are one among the people who do not know about Facebook touch then read the article given below which will help you to know about it. You are right on, no you were not that it has been developed only for making Facebook mobile very easy and convenient with intelligent multi-touch experience. Nowadays there are so many mobiles phones are available with Facebook applications installed in it but you should always keep in mind that there is no comparison between HTC Desire or iPhone with Facebook applications installed in it.

The latest version of Facebook for mobiles, which is also known as Facebook Touch is being offered to all the HTC Desire models and the iPhone and iPod Touch devices with IOS platform. As this latest version of Facebook for mobiles is designed to work as multi-touch interface, so it is easy to use and navigate through. In the Facebook application you can use your finger as a button, which is commonly used to browse through your friends and contacts list.

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You can use the same finger for navigating to different options in the profile page such as your news feed, your wall, your contact’s page and many more. Moreover, you can also enter your email address by using just your finger. This has been updated version of Facebook touch which has been made available on the HTC Desire HD and iPhone 3GS. It has been made possible only by the collaboration of HTC and apple corporation. Therefore, the iPhone users will be able to use Facebook on their device by accessing from the official website of Facebook. It is quite impressive and useful functionality provided by Facebook touch updated version.

In this latest touch version of Facebook, you can send SMS to other friends using one of the widely accepted text messaging platforms such as iKonstruct. This functionality of this new version is popularly known as enhanced text messaging (ETM) and it is supported only by some of the popular social networking devices such as iPhone and Blackberry. In addition, you can also integrate this latest Facebook mobile application with your specially designed mobile phone so that you can share important information or messages to your friends. To make it more interesting, if you wish to share links with your friends then you can simply add a URL of the place over which you want to share the link.

In addition to that, you can also use this new feature of Facebook touch by setting up privacy settings that block inappropriate people from viewing your personal information such as pictures, videos, and text messages. When you use Facebook without having your privacy protection on, it opens the door to numerous security threats such as spyware, adware, malware, and viruses. By using this feature of Facebook Touch, you can reduce the threat to your computer and also reduce your bandwidth usage. Apart from that, you can also use Facebook without the need for additional plug-ins and software that could slow down the performance of your device.

Another important advantage of using the Facebook Touch application from Windows Store is that you can access your own apps without any third-party plug-in. The web store has millions of applications that are ready to be used by anyone. There is no need to install these apps because they are already supported by Facebook. The official app of Facebook can be installed directly to your PC by copying the link on the desktop and moving it into the location where the Facebook software is installed.

The application supports a number of platforms including mobile devices, web browsers, and web stores. The latest version of this web browser has all the features that are found in android browser such as tab browsing, fast browsing, and Android button auto-popup. Users can also view the web-based contents in their PCs and laptops. The users can also use their Facebook accounts in order to access the desktop, notebooks, tablets, and other devices with an internet connection.

In case, if you want to learn a lot more about Facebook applications, then you can visit its website for more details. The website gives details about the different features available in Facebook Touch and other web applications as well. You can download the latest version of this web browser in case you are still not sure about its compatibility with your gadgets. This long time advanced web browser with artificial intelligence is a must-have for all android and IOS devices especially if you want to browse the internet, chat, check your Facebook updates, and many more.

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