This article provides an in-depth description of the legal position, requirements, and responsibilities of Family Lawyers in Dubai. If you have any questions that come to your mind regarding the family lawyers; here is a complete guide for you to read. Let us begin with the simple question, what is family law, family law also called Matrimonial Law covers the practicing area that governs the legal issues and domestic relations among the different family members. 

Family Law navigates through the areas covering marital, Civil, Domestic Partnerships, Inheritance, Termination of Relationships, Divorces, Child-related issues, and much more that comes under the cover. Some of the most significant issues that are under the banner of family law include annulment, divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, domestic violence, paternity, prenuptial agreements, and the list goes on. 

In a cooperative environment, our attorneys provide focused, compassionate representation collaborative family law that ensures your interests are protected during this difficult time.

Family Lawyers in Dubai play a pivotal role in dealing with all the above-mentioned issues. They may choose to specialize in any of the majors of their choice. It is up to the lawyer to choose in which area to specialize. Family Law is known to be highly complicated. Furthermore, every country and state has its own set of family laws and regulations. Dubai is no different; it has its laws and regulations which bind its citizens. Although, there are exceptions for the foreigners who are settled in Dubai. 

Dubai is a culturally diverse place where 50% of the population is from across the world and thus, the same laws cannot be applied to everyone. Therefore, exceptions are present for the residents from other countries. Family Lawyers in Dubai have a thorough understanding of the Dubai legislation and thus, they guide the clients accordingly. Furthermore, they are responsible for handling the multiple legal issues that arise between the family members of the same family. 

They offer a wide range of services to clients including arbitration and negotiations. The family lawyers make efforts to resolve the family matters with dialogue and meetings. They try to sort out the problematic matters among the family members. Almost 90% of the total family-related legal issues are resolved outside the courtroom. The credit goes to Family lawyers and also to the family members. In case, if a conclusion is not reached among the family members, and the tensions continue the case may land up in the courtroom. Henceforth, the family lawyers in Dubai represent the clients in court for contentious legal cases. This may include vulnerable issues to extremely worrisome situations.

The family lawyers in Dubai are not restricted to any age group. They provide their services to all age groups. This may include children, adults, adolescents, elders, and others. Furthermore, there is no restriction on gender; anyone can come to the family lawyer with a family matter. Family lawyers try to resolve complex claims amicably. Furthermore, they also give their best to resolve legal family issues outside the courts. The priority is given to alternative dispute resolution.

Family Lawyers in Dubai are expert in providing with the Family Law Services. The Family Law services are as follows:

  • Marriage Counselling 
  • Divorce Counselling 
  • Divorce Case
  • Marriage Registrations 
  • Child Custody
  • Alimony 
  • The Division of Assets between the Couple 

Dubai Family Cases are started from, Al Adheed Center now. Previously, it was started at Family Court’s Mediation Section. But now the initial requests and complaints have been diverted to Al Adheed Center. After the Al Adheed Center, the request is forwarded to Family Court, where a Case Number is generated.   

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