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Project management software allows for task management. It can be used to break down large projects into smaller pieces. Different project managers resolve specific task management issues. Zoho Desk and Favro are two task management systems that provide a full range of capabilities. This post will compare their essential features as well as demos. It will also offer details about the Zoho Desk pricing vs Favro pricing.

Zoho Desk improves customer experiences by organizing and prioritizing client contacts across many communication channels. Its AI-powered technologies aid in providing excellent customer service. Other notable functions and services include ticketing administration, problem tracking, and a live chat widget.

Favro is a project management and collaboration application. Developers, marketers, and executives can plan, track, and evolve ideas. Favro is designed to scale to the size and demands of any project, allowing users to add features and connectors as needed. Favro is an organizational flow planning and collaboration tool. Users can add features and integrations as they need them using Favro. Favro has built-in Kanban and SCRUM capabilities, team boards, scalable backlogs, and aggregated reporting.

Key Features of Favro Software

Task Management

You can set task priority levels so individuals can arrange their job creation and assignment. They can also manage due dates, and project planning for task prioritizing. Based on the project’s scope, plan and design a work breakdown structure (WBS). Projects are scheduled, with due dates and deliverables outlined day by day.

Resource Management

You can create and categorize human and material resources based on talents and other criteria. You can also allocate project, team, or department resources to meet capacity and demand. 

Favro Pricing

Favro Pricing provide 3 plans.

  • Lite costs $10.2 per month. It includes five collections, unlimited boards and backlogs, 25 automation actions, and iOS and Android apps.
  • The cost of the Standard plan is $13.6. It includes unlimited boards and backlogs, unlimited applications, and integrations. It also offers unlimited storage, 5 000 automation tasks, and iOS and Android apps.
  • The Enterprise plan costs $25.5 a month and comes with all the features offered by the Standard plan. It also offers 25 000 automation actions, reports, and timesheets. It supports Guest accounts, 10 000 API requests per hour, and Enterprise support – 24-hour response time on weekdays.

All these options include a 14-day free trial.

Favro Demo 

Favro allows users to schedule a free 20-minute demo on particular themes relevant to their business. The Favro software will help you see the software from various angles.

Favro Reviews 

The Favro software is rated 4.5/5 on Capterra, 4.3/5 on G2, and 4.4/5 on GetApp. Users appreciate it because it is a flexible tool that can be used to develop products. It can be used to customize reports but sometimes you have to tweak them to get suitable results.

Key Features of Zoho Desk Software

Ticket Management

You can engage in customer contact and ticket management. You can scale this feature across many channels, departments, products, and brands. It also lets you create distinct sections inside the help desk. This ensures that suitable replies to client inquiries are given without delays or lengthy processes.

Improved Productivity

You can access work modes to arrange open tickets and increase sales reps. You can use the answer editor, FAQs, and templates to send valuable and informative ticket responses. You can also combine core functionality with CRM features to close more tickets in less time.


Extend help desk service capabilities by combining help desk modules with other business-specific software and services. Custom codes are used to update information at the support desk and other platforms. Add interactive and interactive widgets to the help desk interface with extensions, and create unique mobile apps using SDKs. 

Virtual Assistant

You can increase team productivity with the product’s AI business aid called Zia. This contextual AI includes technologies like Zia Voice, Ask Zia, Zia Notifications, and Zia Dashboards. There are also other Zia Skill Builder, Reply Assistant, and Sentiment Analysis, which assist clients with rapid service. It ensures that immediate and high-quality service is maintained.

Zoho Desk Pricing 

There are three pricing options for Zoho Desk users.

  • The Standard plan costs $14/per month and is billed annually. You can use it to manage five email channels, maintain one feedback widget, and create up to 5 advanced WebForms.
  • The Professional plan costs $23/per month. You can manage ten email channels, and up to 10 departments can use WebForms to create customized forms.
  • The cost of the Enterprise plan is $40. You can create 100 email channels and also manage social media accounts. This feature also lets you integrate telephony and live chat with your business to provide premium support to your customers.

Zoho Desk Demo

You can also schedule a live demo for the Zoho Desk to see it from different angles. The demo will show you what the software is capable of and how it can improve your business. Contact the Zoho Desk sales team to schedule the demo.

Zoho Desk Reviews

The Zoho Desk software has a 4.5/5 rating on Gartner and 4.4/5 on G2. Many users trust it because it has improved their interaction with customers. People can check and balance agents who are in touch with the customers. It can be challenging to navigate through Zoho Desk.

Final Remarks

Zoho Desk and Favro offer a robust set of features. Each tool can be used to manage different aspects of project management. Zoho Desk lets you focus on providing reliable customer service to your clients. On the other hand, Favro can be used for management in the games industry and for agile teams to simplify complex assignments.

When it comes to choosing one, you should compare its key features and prices to decide which one will be compatible with your business. Moreover, you can also watch their demos to ensure that you choose the right software.