Tableau Features

Tableau today is one of the most popular business intelligence tools in the market. From the executives to c-suite, people are relying heavily on data and data analytics to make decisions. This gives a clear understanding of what’s working for the business and what’s not. It empowers businesses to try out new strategies to attract customers, make new marketing plans and of course switch digital ways of running a business. 

Apart from all these, tableau has got a number of features too that make it the top most Business Intelligence software in the Industry today. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Drag and Drop Functionality

Even before the start of the analysis, transferring data that needs to be analyzed in the BI software is the big-time pain for analysts. But, not with tableau, as here the user can simply drag and drop the complex humongous data and leave it up to the software for analyzing and creating meaningful stats out of it. Also, the friendly UI will help you ease the process even more.

  • Tableau Dashboard

Dashboards are important to data analyzing as they provide a broader look at the format, layout and structure in which the data is presented, and with tableau, this is even simpler as it automatically suggests new and creative dashboards for better understanding and analyzing the data. 

  • Data Sharing

This is one of the critical aspects for any BI software, as sharing of data may involve a couple of security concerns as well. But, with Tableau, this is just not the case as the data is shared with tableau in an end-to-end encrypted format. The data is visible and readable only when it reaches the defined person.

  • Highly Advanced Visualizations

The reason why people switch to BI software rather than manual analysis is simply to get rid of the long data charts and excel reports that convey nothing but confusions and are too complex to read and analyze. Tableau converts this complicated data into meaningful insights in the form of creative visualization. And this is just not it. Tableau has a unique feature creating short animations too out of the data. So, you get not just the visualization but animation of the data to understand the business situation even better. 

  • Mobile-friendly

Tableau understands the importance of smart phones today. Nothing more than critical data or information related to your business reaching you straight in your hands on mobile is better than anything. Tableau is a mobile-friendly tool and can render the entire features on mobile that you get on the desktop.

So, how do you find Tableau? I believe Tableau is the modern-age tool capable of rendering the essential digital uplift to your business with its smart analytics and data visualization features. If the same amazes you, you must check out for the tableau license as per you need and the business intelligence software companies near for making this strategic transformation in your organization.