Ideas for dissertations topics – There is always something we love doing. And no matter how often we do it, we always have the feeling of aliveness and freshness when we are at it.

Let’s take an example of watching a soccer game such as Manchester United vs Liverpool. Whenever the match gets scheduled, we are always excited to look forward Dissertation Topic Ideas to it, if you are a soccer fan of course. Or let’s say you love rock music or dancing; you will always find yourself getting indulged in the same sort of activities that relate to it.

Isn’t it true?

Well now, let’s get to the point. When it comes to studying, you may not have the same attachment towards it and you start feeling sleepy. You feel bored and tend to sleep as soon you open the book which you are ought to read and note down the academic findings.

Now you may think that the reason why you often find yourself sleepy while studying is that there is a certain lack of interest when it comes to studying. In other words, you do not love it as much as you love sports, music and gaming apps etc. However, it is not as simple as that.

The true reason why you feel sleepy while studying is because you have been told that IT MUST BE DONE. You must do it; you must study; it is what is expected from you and all that jazz has been conditioned in your mind!

And this turns you off.

Let’s look into this matter from another point of view. Let’s think of a piano instructor who teaches how to play the piano to kids. And the teacher has a very forceful attitude towards the students’ learning process in which she forces the students to learn and avoid making any mistakes. She gives a message that if you make mistake, you will not get the required completion certificate and thus you will fail!

Now, this attitude can be regarded as a sort of Doing a specific job of learning instead of playing it. However, one can never do a piano, one can only play it. And they can only play it successfully when they feel at ease, and that is why instead of calling it to work, they call it to play.

Similarly, when it comes to studying, Ideas for dissertations topics you are being given an impression that we all MUST learn. It is a necessary thing and we must all do it. You see, this sort of attitude kills any fun in it.

But the question is, how can we address this issue? Is there a way to undo your conditioning so you can start enjoying your studies? Can you change your attitude towards it?

The answer is Yes you can. It not difficult at all!

All you need to realize is that studying is just an activity, just like any other activity that you perform during the day to day life. It has its own purpose, and it helps you grow and learn different elements of social and practical, life and it not so boring after all. It is very useful!

You start seeing the benefits of learning, its challenges, its applications etc. and you drop the heavy-hearted judgements about it. And suddenly you feel that there is abosulelety nothing boring about the process of studying. In fact, it could be a lot of fun as you get to participate in competitions, you get the chance to undertake research and contribute to society. 

It is fun indeed!

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