FIFA 22 Best Young Players -High Potential Talents & Cheap OP Wonderkids in Career Mode

Looking for the strongest talents in FIFA 22 Career Mode? Here you will find young players with the highest potential and budget overpowered wonderkids for your club.

What wonderkids bring in Career Mode: In career mode, you want to bring your club to the top. Of course, you need strong players for this – but they are sometimes very expensive with a high transfer fee. When you choose a club in Career Mode, you will get a limited transfer budget to sign these potential players, and they can not be bought with FIFA 22 coins. So you surely want to sign a overpowerd player with low budget.

Luckily, you can improve your players through training and good performances. Especially young players can be lifted from low values to world class. However, it is fundamental that they have potential.

The more potential players have, the better they get over the course of their careers. Here we show you the 20 talents with the greatest potential. In addition, EA Sports also showed tips on other players with low values, but who have huge potential for improvement.

FIFA 22 Best Young Players – Strongest Talents in Career Mode

These are the best talents: EA Sports has published the list of players who have the highest potential and can achieve really strong values.

Here, however, there are some young players who are already strong anyway. These include, for example, cover star Mbappé, Donnarumma and Haaland, who are at the top in terms of potential overall value, and also cost million of FIFA coins in Ultimate Team transfer market. You won’t necessarily get these already established stars cheaply.

Here are the strongest talents at a glance:

Player Name Overall Potential Position
Mbappe 91 95 ST
Donnarumma 89 93 GK
Haaland 88 93 ST
Alexander-Arnold 87 92 RB
Foden 84 92 CAM
Havertz 84 92 CAM
Sancho 87 91 RM
De Ligt 85 91 CB
Joao Felix 83 91 CF
Pedri 81 91 CM
Ferran Torres 82 90 RW
Upamecano 92 90 CB
Vinicius Jr 80 90 LW
Gravenberch 78 90 CM
Ansu Fati 76 90 LW
Rashford 85 89 LM
Koundé 83 89 CB
Mount 83 89 CAM
Chiesa 83 89 RW
Valverde 83 89 CM

FIFA 22 Best Budget Young Players – Cheap OP Wonderkids in Career Mode

While some of these talents are likely to be quite expensive, you can certainly still get some bargains. Especially if you play a small club – or create it yourself, because that is now also possible – you should look at cheap talents who can make jumps.

The cheap talents can be found here in the overview:

Player Overall Potential Upgrade
Gray 51 74 23
Assi 52 75 23
Muci 53 76 23
Herrera 53 76 23
Scarlett 63 86 23
Campagna 49 73 24
Van den Berg 59 83 24
Emmings 48 73 25
Cisneros 49 74 25
Chrisene 51 76 25
Denholm 52 77 25
Hackford 59 84 25
Brady 51 77 26
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