Businesses of all sizes require paper products for keeping records, packaging, hygiene and other reasons. Like other products, businesses would like to purchase high quality paper products at a low price to maximize their profit. Hence businesses would like to find out the best asia pulp & paper manufacturer and supplier, so that they can contact to get the best deal. Paper is manufactured from pulp , and some companies are using paper pulp to manufacture packaging and other products. Some of the factors which should be considered while choosing the right manufacturer of paper, pulp products are listed below.

Product range

Businesses require different paper products for various requirements. It is advisable to purchase paper products from a company with a comprehensive range of paper products, since discounts often depend on order value. Most businesses continue to require paper for taking printouts and making photocopies for dealing with customers, vendors and internally. Additionally some information is also handwritten. So the paper company should supply writing and printing paper. Additionally businesses are also using tissue paper for hygiene, wiping hands and toilet paper in the bathroom/toilet. Sourcing from the same supplier will help.

Increasingly businesses are selling their products online or offering home delivery. This has greatly increased the demand for packaging material. Different types of packaging material in terms of thickness, strength and other specifications are available so that all sizes and types of products can be packaged properly. So it is advisable to check if the company is also supplying paper packaging material for consumer or industrial products depending on the product range. The paper packaging should be reasonably priced, recyclable and customized according to client requirements for greater sales.

Production capacity

Another factor which should be considered while purchasing paper products, is the production capacity of the manufacturer, how many factories it has, where they are located. Like most other products, paper will be cheaper if it is manufactured in a factory of large production capacity. The production capacity depends on specifications of the manufacturing equipment installed, companies which can invest more, often build high capacity plants. Larger paper companies are often able to manufacture pulp and paper products at a low cost, because they have larger factories and they can also source the raw material required at a lower cost. To reduce the cost of transporting paper, Asian companies should source their paper from a supplier in their region or Asia.


Paper is usually manufactured from pulp derived from trees, so the deforestation often leads to global warming. Hence it is advisable to purchase paper from companies which are committed to sustainability. These companies source the trees which they require for pulp from plantations which they have developed, working closely with farmers, so that all paper can be traced to trees in the plantation. The company should also reduce the emissions and solid waste produced during paper manufacturing. The amount of water required should be optimized, and contaminated water treated to reduce pollution. The leading paper companies work for conservation of wildlife and tree species, which may be endangered.