1 Discover new levels of comfort!

The convenience of having a gas fireplace insert is one of the most favorable advantages of having one. A hearth may be started with the flip of a switch or the push of a button.

Regency premium gas fireplace inserts are frequently configured to maintain a specified temperature in a room for a defined amount of time or to switch on and off at a specific time. This allows you to come home to a warm house without having to leave the fireplace or oven running all day!

The most significant feature is that your remote control also functions as a thermostat. If you’ve set the temperature for the fire, it will maintain that setting regardless of where you and the remote are situated. The fireplace will adapt as you walk about the room to ensure that the ambient temperature in your area matches the preset. There will be no more getting out of bed to adjust the thermostat if the temperature is too cold or too hot. Just set it and forget it!

2 – Our fireplaces work, even when the energy is not working!

If the electricity goes out, your Regency wood or gas insert will continue to burn and emit radiant heat. If a winter storm knocks out your electricity, don’t panic; it will still be lovely and toasty even if it is dark. All Regency gas and wood-burning fireplaces are completely safe to use without the need for electricity. No matter what the weather conditions are, a gas or wood fireplace insert will be able to generate radiant heat and keep you and your house warm.

3 – Go Green: Contribute to emissions reductions

Because of their detrimental environmental effect, several towns are outlawing older wood fires or conventional stone fireplaces in favor of cleaner, lower-emission alternatives.

Natural gas is one of the least environmentally damaging fossil fuels. Clean combustion emits relatively few pollutants and generates few or no particulates. As a result, a number of municipalities are supporting the conversion of ancient wood-burning fireplaces to gas inserts. Many Regency fireplaces and gas inserts have efficiency ratings in excess of 70%.

Many of Regency’s freestanding and recessed wood-burning fireplaces have the same efficiency ratings and so qualify for government subsidies.

A conventional fireplace uses the oxygen in the room as part of the reaction needed to start the fire and generate heat. It generates what is known as incomplete combustion, which results in the creation of black smoke. Black smoke includes numerous particles and is produced as a byproduct of other gases produced throughout the process. These are the principal sources of air pollution, and they are the primary focus of many cities’ clean air efforts.

4 – Save money while increasing efficiency

Purchasing a home insert is not only a long-term investment in your house; it may also save you money on energy.

Zone heaters, such as fireplace inserts, heat particular sections of your home. Living rooms/living rooms and other common areas are typically where individuals spend the majority of their time. Zone heating allows you to switch off the oven, which heats your whole house while concentrating heat in the areas where you spend the majority of your time.

Regency gas and wood-burning fireplaces create radiant heat, which heats everything in the direction of the fire, helping to raise the room temperature and, when paired with a fan, efficiently heats your home. Open fireplaces contribute significantly to heat loss; even with the damper closed, hot air can leave and cold air can enter. To keep the temperature stable, you must constantly heat additional chilly air. Heat loss may be a significant issue with a typical open brick fireplace. An open wood fire or gas log is only 1015 efficient, which means 8,590 percent of the heat produced instantly rises through the fireplace and out of your home.

An electric fireplace insert may aid in the sale of your home while also decreasing heat loss. Regency fireplace inserts assist maintain room temperature while not in use and provide warmth and comfort when in use, resulting in cost savings without the need for a sweater.

A sealed box improves combustion efficiency by 70% to 75%. This enhanced efficiency is passed on to you rather than the home. A single load of wood will burn for an average of 6-8 hours, and in rare circumstances up to 14 hours.

5 – Transform the room!

Adding a fireplace insert to your house may drastically improve the visual look of a room without requiring extensive modification!

Most rooms have a fireplace as the main point. You may enjoy the warmth and comfort of a fire on a regular basis while also adding an aesthetically pleasing permanent element to your home by installing a gas or wood fireplace insert. A fireplace insert, which is intended to fit into your existing brickwork, may change the appearance of your room without requiring major changes.

Regency’s high-quality fireplace inserts come in a variety of unique design options ranging from traditional to modern, and we provide a good range of fireplace accessories to help you get started with your new one. The fireplace insert will blend in seamlessly with your existing décor. This enables you to choose the fireplace insert that is most suited to your house and taste.