Studying for exams or returning to working routing after the vacation – there are many situations in which we need to improve our cognitive functions and memory. Regardless of age or employment, maintaining a high level of concentration throughout the day can be a real challenge. Students are often overwhelmed with homework and lots of lectures and seminars, they face serious challenges when it comes to focusing and learning, and people often suffer from a lack of concentration at the end of the working day. Here is the list of foods that are extremely good for our brain, concentration, and memory.

Black beans

What’s good for your heart is sure to have a positive effect on your brain, too. This is true, for example, of how black beans work. The fibre and protein they contain increase blood flow to the heart, and therefore to the brain, which helps the main organ of our nervous system work faster and more efficiently. Be sure to try cooking black beans Why? Simple – if your blood circulation is good, the brain gets enough oxygen. And therefore, there should be no reason to panic – when the brain suffers from oxygen starvation, its cells are destroyed (and not restored), which causes impaired speech and memory, and, consequently, concentration. 


Many people eat eggs for breakfast, whether boiled or fried, although at the same time not everyone likes the yolk. Perhaps the following fact may convince the latter: the egg yolk contains a lot of choline and amino acids. These elements in our body perform the function of neurotransmitters, i.e., transfer impulses from nerve cells to neurons or from neurons to muscles. The faster and more efficiently neurotransmitters work, the better the brain and the whole body work.


300 g of almonds accounts for 20% of the recommended daily allowance of magnesium. This micronutrient regulates the number of neurotransmitters in your brain, and they’re the ones that make sure your cognitive functions are working at their best. Taking some almonds can be a very healthy snack if you work, learn, or enjoy some virtual activities such as bet in Nigeria.


It is not a secret that fatty fish (salmon, sardine, tuna) is good for your health because it contains a lot of vitamins and useful microelements: The latter is necessary and useful for brain function. In addition, fish contains a lot of protein – and this is a basic food for the brain.

Cocoa and dark chocolate

Cocoa beans contain flavonoids (natural antioxidants), which are good for blood circulation and brain function. In addition, small amounts of cocoa and chocolate help improve mood. 

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are delicious, and pumpkin seeds also contain zinc, which is essential for thinking functions and good memory, as well as the good mood trace element magnesium, and B vitamins. Pumpkin seeds, like other seeds, can (and even should) be added to smoothies – so this healthy drink becomes even healthier!


Walnuts are a good source of healthy protein, fatty acids, vitamin E and lecithin, essential for brain function.


Cabbage, and almost any type of cabbage, is good for your overall health. Broccoli is a product high in vitamin K, which is good for brain function. If you don’t eat dishes with broccoli often, it’s time to remedy that.

Green tea

It has many benefits for the body and is rich in ingredients that increase the brain’s ability to concentrate as well as a person’s overall performance. Green tea is a great choice that you can always carry with you in a suitable bottle or thermos, at work, university or school.

Whole grains

 Eating whole-grain foods helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, which leads to better concentration and ability to work.

There is nothing wrong with eating a chocolate bar during a break at work or the university. A break in itself is a good way to keep yourself from getting bogged down at work or during a tough working day. But this time can be used to double benefit yourself if you choose foods to snack on that will increase your intelligence and concentration. Products that contain high amounts of both sugar and salt are far from being a good option for snacking while working. Chocolates, which seemingly should save you in the days of mental stress, will work only for a while, and French fries or a piece of cake will quench your appetite, but the concentration will kill in the root. To get your brain pumping, try to include the products from your list on your daily menu.