As you advance in your career as a gambler on football games, there will come a moment when you recognise that betting against the point spread is not the most advantageous wager to place on a particular game. The Over Under is often the greatest bet to make when there is a strong defensive presence, unfavourable weather, and offensive teams that rely heavily on rushing the ball.

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When you bet on the over/under, also known as NFL totals betting w88boleh, you are just concerned with the total amount of points scored in the game. You are not concerned with the winner of the game. Bettors in football must pick whether they believe the final score will be OVER that number or UNDER that number, as determined by the “total” that the oddsmakers in football have established. Take a look at the following scenario, which takes place in a made-up game between the Bears and the Packers.

The Green Bay Packers are favoured to win the game, while the Chicago Bears are favoured to lose.

In this instance, the total number of points is 46.5. As a bettor, it is your responsibility to place a wager OVER 46.5 if you believe the combined score will be 47 or higher, and a wager UNDER 46.5 if you believe the combined score will be 46 or lower.

Imagine that the game ended with Green Bay winning by a score of 31-17; because 48 points is more than 46.5, your bet on the OVER was successful. If the Bears prevail in a defensive struggle by a score of 17-13, then that total of 30 points is significantly below 46.5, and your bet on the under would be successful.

The figures -120 and +100 that you will see shown on football betting options at w88 Indonesia website are related to the ‘price’ of each individual bet. (If you want to learn more about moneylines or have a better understanding of the terminology used in football betting, you can do so here at

The fact that the OVER 46.5 has a value of -120 suggests that the sportsbook views it as the more favourable option. Therefore, placing a bet on the UNDER will need you to risk a little bit more money. If you wager $100 on each game, this indicates that you are willing to take a loss of $120 (-120) in order to make a profit of $100. You take a somewhat less risk for the same potential return if you bet on the UNDER, which is the underdog position in the book. In this scenario, you would place a wager of simply $100 in order to have the opportunity to win an additional $100.


When betting on football, you are searching for an advantage over the bookmaker, such as a little aspect, statistic, or trend that can assist you achieve somewhat higher value and odds on your bet. When it comes to Over Under betting, it may refer to a number of different factors:

Are the majority of offensive plays for both teams predicated on the run? Why should we care about this? Two explanations: To begin, playing on the ground takes up a significant amount of time. Second, passing the ball rather than running it allows you to cover more ground on the field in a shorter amount of time. Therefore, in principle, games that include running assaults should have slightly lower cumulative scores.

– Does the weather have a role? Everyone has experienced watching a football game in which the weather, whether it be rain, snow, severe winds, or extreme cold, had an effect on how effectively the teams played. Quite frequently, the combination of these elements will cooperate to bring an Over Under number down.

– Are the defences difficult? It should come as no surprise that solid defences will make it far more difficult to score than would sloppy defenders.


You most certainly can, and daily fantasy bettors have been successfully making a fortune off of player-based Over Unders betting for years. For instance, every sportsbook will provide player props for every game, such as the following examples:

Yards passed by Patrick Mahomes more than or equal to 367.5 less than 367.5

Or the amount of yards rushed by each player or the total number of yards rushed by both sides in a game. Even the amount of turnovers, first downs, and the majority of other events in a game may be gambled on using the Over/Under betting market.


The majority of online sportsbooks will provide first quarter totals in addition to spreads. This kind of betting also has a lot of promise since some teams and individuals have betting patterns that are more significant and trustworthy based on sluggish beginnings or strong finishes.