Trading Scam

Forex trading scams have increased by 47% in the last year and the number keeps on rising! Scammers are now making use of interactive techniques to attack the investments of innocent investors. In less than a year, scammers have robbed the economy of more than $0.7 Billion and there’s no stopping them if we do not call them out and report them. There are numerous high-tech recovery firms in the market that aid innocent victims of forex scams get their money – all you need to do is extend your hand and report the case!

The first step to reporting a forex trading scam is to contact and report it to the government agencies. This is the most important step in reporting the scam. You need to include all the relevant agencies to report and track that scammer. These agencies will help you in reporting and catching the scammer. You can read more here about trading forex during different market opens.

Ezchargeback To Your Rescue

The second step is hiring and working with a company that specializes in Forex trading scams. I’ve found the best company to recover and report your trading scam which is Ezychargeback. This company specializes in catching scammers and recovering funds from them. Ezychargeback will guide you throughout the process and will aid you in reporting this scam to all the relevant authorities including the Forex platform. Now you might be thinking why is she telling us about this company and why is she vouching for it? Let me tell you why I lost 1000 dollars on Forex and I got scammed by an imposter website. Let’s go through this unfortunate timeline. So I was new to the Forex trading platform and I did hear about scamming on this platform but I was confident that I would easily identify if I’m being scammed. Well, that didn’t last for a long time. Only a month later I got scammed by the most popular scamming technique which is a fake website.

This website was impersonating a company and looked absolutely legit and that’s why I entered my personal information and transferred the money because they promised double the amount. The minute I transferred my money the website crashed and the person who recommended the website which was the fraud Forex Broker disappeared. All his accounts and any means of contact were gone and vanished into thin air.

Get Help To Report Your Scam

It was at that time I came across a website and a company by the name of Ezychargeback which was also recommended to me by my friend. This company was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. They helped me report the scam by tracking the IP address and checking the email ID and contact information. I had lost complete hope of recovering my money but I did and the scammers got reported for malicious practices. Thanks to this wonderful company and the exceptional service I was able to report this scam.

This company is the best of the best and they treat their customers as their assets. I called and bothered them tons of times to inquire and they would message me and update me throughout the entire process. So when I’m saying you need to contact this company in case of a Forex trading scam you need to! You won’t be disappointed and trust me you’ll realize that this is indeed the best decision you ever made.