On a free range, those hens and chickens, walking in free space, produce great eggs. Many farmers say that eggs from such chickens are much tastier, healthier, better quality, and larger. But is it so? Why are hens that lead this lifestyle so much better than the rest? What is their advantage? Is it possible to imagine chickens moving freely back and forth in enclosed spaces? It is unlikely that there is not much space for them; the space is small and uncomfortable. 

Some eggs information

Hens roaming freely around the farm, pasture or field incubate fresh eggs, they really can be called free range eggs. It should also be said that there are no clear rules and standards. Some farmers prefer to build special enclosures where they keep their chickens. Hens of free-range should always drink clean water and eat fresh food.

Such hens should be able to go outside at any time they want to. The period lasts throughout the oviposition cycle. If the aviary is open, then it will always have a protective net or fence. Chickens will not live naturally unless they have a good free-range environment. All this suggests that farms should have certain conditions. Farmers must also protect their chickens from attack by birds of prey and other animals.

Benefits for these hens

Chickens, which are in such special conditions, have better living conditions than regular chickens and hens. What exactly is included in this quality?

  • Going outside in a free form. For example, chickens can bathe in the dust as they usually like, go everywhere, and collect food they like.
  • The invulnerability of chickens, since again we are talking about the free movement of birds.
  • Birds do not feel discomfort and inconvenience; they have a greater advantage over other chickens. And in general, when the birds are relaxed and mean they’re good.

Where can you buy high-quality eggs? Travel to someone’s farm and negotiate a deal? Now eggs can be purchased online, after reading about them in advance and looking at which particular hens hatched them. The most interesting thing is that farmers do not write on the label how long the chicken has been in free range. Maybe she wandered from morning to evening. And this already means that the eggs from such a chicken are very high quality and tasty. Now it becomes clear why eggs from such chickens are more valuable and tastier than ordinary ones. Order a natural product at an affordable cost, which contains many vitamins useful for the body.