Frugal Tips For Holidays in the UK

A cheaper holiday in the UK is possible by following these great tips. 

Buying travel accessories for cheap

Many people forget about travel essentials then they pay a lot for them at the airport. Start by making a list of things you are going to need then visit the local pound shop and get travel essentials like eye masks, cheap adaptors, and travel cushions.

You can also save a lot by borrowing items from your friends and family. This is common for things like camera tripods, travel guides, and more. There are some local libraries that will let you borrow travel guides for free.

Asking staff for their personal hangouts

When you ask the staff of the hotel for recommendations, you should also ask them where they like hanging out. Where do they go when meeting their friend for coffee or a family meal? This will give you the chance of knowing the area better and the places recommended are most likely going to be cheaper and you will get a more authentic taste when you visit.

Eating and drinking with the locals are going to be fun as you look for local haunts and avoid areas that have a lot of tourists.

Investing in a smart water bottle

When you are abroad it is easy to spend a lot on bottled water, especially when visiting areas that don’t have clean water readily available. You don’t have to stock on expensive bottled water, just get a water bottle that has an inbuilt filtration system.

There is a wide range of options when it comes to smart water bottles, and there is a good chance that you are going to end up with something that works well for you. There are some good options that filter water anywhere in the world and can remove up to 99.95% of microbiological contaminants. They can filter water from rivers and waterfalls, making it a great option when traveling anywhere in the world. You just fill the bottle and you will have clean water to drink.

Making your own mini-meals

You shouldn’t skip meals – especially when visiting a hot country – but if you want to save money, you can consider eating both your dinner and lunch at the restaurant. When on the go during the day, pick up some local produce like cheese, bread, and cold meats then pack it. you are going to be surprised at how cheap it is to feed the entire family. Look for a nice spot then eat as you enjoy the local scenery.

If you have your own balcony where you are staying, you can get ingredients for a buffet and a bottle of wine. Spend your evenings sitting and watching the sun go down -it will be just as great as eating out.

Taking advantage of a free breakfast

If the hotel is offering free breakfast as part of your stay, then you need to make the most out of it. This is a chance to stock up on your supplies for the day. Cold meats, bread rolls, pastries, yogurt, and fruit can easily last you until dinner.

It is best to visit the breakfast buffer when it is about to close. This means you are going to take what is leftover that would have been discarded.

If the hotel doesn’t include breakfast, don’t choose overpriced hotel breakfasts. Look for a nice local café that is going to fill you up without breaking the bank. 

Heading off the beaten track

However obvious it seems, always keep in mind that things are more expensive the closer they are to the tourist hubs. When looking for anything whether it is a café, restaurant, place to rent a bike, or souvenir shop, it is best to go further from tourist spots to get the best prices.

A ten-minute walk can save you by almost half and you will have an enjoyable experience in the process. The North Easy can be a great place to get good value in the UK in the moment and there are some fantastic hotels in Durham that are perfectly located to explore the town and also surrounding areas including Newcastle.

Planning routes and researching travel passes

Try walking anywhere and everywhere you can. If you need to use public transport, do some research before buying. You can save a significant amount on ticks if you plan the routes in advance. You might end up spending less money on a restricted pass.

You should find out if the destination has sightseeing passes. This can include discounted or free admission to popular tourist spots and even using public transport for free.

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