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Growing your followers and having more followers on Instagram will allow you to increase your reach and possibly even increase the number of sales through the platform. Although it’s never easy to increase your followers genuinely, Instagram constantly offers different and exciting ways to reach out to more users. Making use of Instagram stories can be a great and innovative way to gain an increase in followers for Instagram! It’s the best alternative that you can use other than buy Instagram followers Australia. Let’s dig into it.

Stories are shorter in duration than posts (only 24 hours). However, they offer your followers bite-sized content to take in, and with more than 250 million daily users using Instagram stories, you’ll need to make sure that you have an Instagram strategy in place to make use of stories in a way that your customers will appreciate and will draw new followers. Over the past year, Instagram has offered us a range of types of formats that we can apply to our Instagram stories.

Create Stories Your Audience Will Love

The art of creating stories that your followers will appreciate isn’t tricky, and you don’t have to become a graphic artist to design visuals that will draw attention to your followers. Instagram’s native editing feature for stories provides a wide range of options to users who want filters that can be added to your media, such as overlaying texts and emojis, applying stickers, and even drawing. There’s no fancy software to make stories, and neither do you need expensive software to create stories. The two programs, Canva and Adobe Spark, come with free plans that are simple for novices to utilize. Don’t be scared to get imaginative with your story through animation or custom text!

Story templates for Instagram are available for purchase on sites such as Etsy and Creative Market, so if you’re interested in customized stories but aren’t sure how to make them, find some templates you can customize.

Split Videos Up

If 15 seconds aren’t enough for your video, applications such as CutStory will aid you in turning a long video into shorter segments of 15 seconds. Making multiple segments of one video can keep viewers engaged with your story, allowing them to enjoy the whole video.

The similar stories options are now available for TikTok too, newbies simply buy TikTok followers or generate interesting videos to get their followers. You can also choose what’s your best.

Ask a Question

Directly address your audience, ask questions, and encourage them to send you a direct message to provide their responses! Engaging in a dialogue with your followers will assist you in getting to get to know them better (and to let them get to know you better) to ensure that you continue to produce content they’ll enjoy.

Create an Instagram Story Poll

Polls are another way to increase your followers engage your followers, and conduct market research! If you make polls, you ask your followers from various social platforms to follow the Instagram story and vote on their choice. This will attract your followers on different channels to join the Instagram account! We’ve created a comprehensive article on how to use Instagram polls to increase engagement.

Go Live on Instagram

Your viewers can see what you’re doing in real-time; it is affordable (no need to alter all videos). It also allows your viewers to leave comments and likes on your live-streamed videos. Although live streaming is an unproven method to utilize video, live streaming is predicted to increase 15-fold between 2016 and 2021.

If you decide to live stream on Instagram, certain users will be notified via push notifications telling them that you’re living. Your live stream can be featured at the top of other stories, which can help boost your brand’s visibility. If you live to stream, the live stream is set aside in front of other stories. Like the regular Instagram stories, live videos can be featured on the “top live” section of the Explore page, which will help grow your profile and gain more IG followers!

“Top Live” posts can be found on the Explore page. “Top live” posts can be found on the Explore page.

Get Visitors through Instagram Stories to your profile and post.

Once you’ve put together captivating stories, the next step is to discover how you can convince your viewers to go to your profile and click on “follow. The ability to drive the traffic generated by your Instagram story to your profile can be the key to gaining followers on Instagram through your stories.

Incite Curiosity

It is possible to use your most recent posting on Instagram for your benefit. You can draw attention to your followers by referencing your previous post in your post.

To facilitate your followers to click onto your account, add a tag to your profile! You can always click an icon to go directly to your account in the upper left corner; however, sometimes, it can be challenging to click that tiny button. The tag of your account in an article is the most efficient method to ensure your readers can connect to your account.