Let’s face it: things are getting expensive and money is running short, which means that people can’t just go around buying new things whenever they want. And certainly not a new car! But hey, that’s not a bad thing – environmental sustainability and reduce, reuse, recycle, am I right? – and it’s certainly not bad news for your business: a used car dealership. Instead, it’s what’s going to get you thriving! 

Of course, it goes without saying that a used car dealership needs to have some integrity and grit – no one wants to buy a car with a ‘barely walking’ engine – but apart from the quality of your cars, it’s the marketing that’s going to get your used car dealership up and running – or should I say driving! 

And it’s okay if your marketing skills aren’t the best – they don’t need to be – just follow along with these tips and you’ll market your dealership to success!

  1. Get in the Magazines

Ever wondered whether magazines are out of style? Well, let me reassure you – they’re not, and they’re here to stay! In fact, the magazine industry is booming, and so could your used car business if you were to put yourself in them! 

Get in contact with leading automobile magazines – look into the likes of Car and Driver, Motor Trend, and Road and Track – and get your dealership featured in them. While the exact nature of the publication will be in the hands of the magazine, you should try and make your feature stand out as much as you can by being thoroughly involved in the creative process – provide visuals, fun facts, basically anything that will make the reader remember your dealership’s name. 

When you get published, you’ll be reaching thousands of automobile enthusiasts across the country – really, the opportunities are endless.

  1. Flyer, Flyer Everywhere

Sometimes old is gold, and that’s just how it is with flyer marketing. A marketing strategy that spans decades, flyers still hold their own when it comes to the world of promotion. Promote your used car dealership by creating stunning flyers that captivate potential customers as they walk by. 

And now the designing part is as easy as cake with PosterMyWall’s car sale flyer templates. With dozens of designs to choose from, you can easily select an aesthetic that matches your brand and look, customizing it to add your own personal touch. And the best part? PosterMyWall is a money saver, simple as that – nor do you have to hire a professional graphic designer to make your flyers, and neither do you have to pay for the templates – a win-win, isn’t it? 

Once the flyers are made, make sure that you’re putting them up in the right places – think places with heavy footfall: community boards, shopping malls, supermarkets, and post offices. And of course, don’t miss out on reaching your digital audience by posting an online version on your Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

  1. Dish out the Cards

What screams professionalism more than a business card? Nothing much, right? And if this isn’t validation enough to get some business cards printed for your used car dealership then I don’t know what is. 

Head on over to PosterMyWall’s business card creator and get designing! With dozens of templates to choose from and an interface that is oh-so-easy to use, PosterMyWall is your go-to place for all your business designing needs – business cards included! Customize your card to your preference and design what will be the catching net for your next customers. And the best part? There are no charges and you can design your cards even if you don’t know the first thing about graphic designing! 

Of course, once you’re done with the designing and printing, make sure that your cards actually reach the intended audience. Place them at spots where those looking to buy a used car might frequent – grocery stores, post offices, and you can even put them on the counter of your local hardware and general stores – the point is to get the word out!

  1. Get on the Radio!

As a used car dealership, a good segment of your clientele is going to consist of current car owners looking for an upgrade. And what better way to introduce them to your dealership than when they’re driving, truly taking in and experiencing all the problems that their vehicle brings. 

Contact your local radio station and pitch an advert slot – for bonus points come up with a catchy jingle that sticks onto the listener’s mind. Soon, you’ll have buyers lining up, straight from the radio card rive to your dealership!

So, if you’re looking to put some serious fuel into your used car dealership then these marketing strategies are the way to be – they won’t fail you!