Get Top Tips for 2048 Online Puzzle Game on Baazimobilegaming

Every time we explain something to someone in 2048, they seem amazed at the simple and seemingly “boring” way of this Tetris-like game. Boy, would they be wrong! Without a doubt, 2048 is one of the most exciting and addictive online games we have ever played. There’s a reason we do so well in the play store, after all, and why we’ve seen so many new genres appear recently. So, yes, one thing for the game is to achieve the number 2048, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Let’s take a look at how it works, where you can try it and see what it means.

How to play 2048 Online?

The game is played using a 4 x 4 game board and a set of square pieces with limited numbers on them. Your job is to slide two pieces of the same number together, combining them into a large amount. For example, two four became eight, two eight became 16, and so on. Each time you slide up, down, left, or right, all the pieces of the game board go that way until they reach the other side of the edge of the game board. Additionally, every time you slide, a new clip is added. If the gameboard fills the pieces, you lose. If you get one of the blocks in number 2048, you will win! The only exceptions to this number are games like Darwinism 2048, which use genres instead of numbers.

Tips for Winning 2048 Games?

Now that you know how to play this 2048 game online, let’s talk a little bit about how good you play. First and foremost, you should know that, even if you don’t drive 2048, you still get high scores. You can use this to measure your progress before achieving the main goal of the game. If you got the last 3500 and 5000 this time, or you haven’t found a block to 2048 anywhere, you’re on the right track. Speaking of walking in the right direction, that brings us to our first three tips for the pro 2048 game.

Two birds, one stone

Before deciding where you want to slide those pieces, look and see how many tiles you are going to build. If moving left and right means you will create 2 matches, okay, but be sure to check other indicators. Suppose the ups and downs will allow for three games. If so, go down below. The many similarities you make, the space you specify on the 2048 sports board. Most of the space equals the added freedom to match large numbers and prevent the board from filling up. This tip requires patience, but it’s worth it if you want to win.

Block Big Numbers Only

Most of the top 2048 top scorers will keep the tile with the highest number hidden in the corner, and that’s okay, as long as you don’t do that with small numbers. If you have 2 surrounded by 64s, 128, and 256, then you will have a really hard time finding those 2s out there, so you waste space! Take out those small numbers where they can be easily matched, and then share the big numbers in the corner. If you combine this 2048 online tip with the above method, you get a great discovery to hit the game! There is one thing left to tell you.

Think Two + Very

We’re just talking about planning your current trip, and how you should always choose an option that allows for more similarities, but there are a few exceptions to that. If you look at these two steps forward, you will see what they mean. What if you made three simulations in one movement, but you realize you won’t have two motion games after that? It’s best to make a few similarities on your first visit if it means you get the same similarity afterwards. Does it make sense? Don’t think about the current move, but take a picture of what will happen after you do those games. You have enough blocks to deal with as you rub these pieces on each other for hours, so let’s face the game blockers. Whether you’re on a school computer anywhere, just open these games in your web browser and get ready to play, that’s all! No download times, no hidden costs, free games and fun to play anywhere.

Do you have it, You? You haven’t done it yet!

Congratulations, you finally reached 2048. You see, it wasn’t as easy as it first sounded, now was it? You don’t want to just stand there, though, do you? If you really want to keep that brain exercise coming after hours, you will have a lot to do in our strategy game section on the BMG Baazi app. Download BMG from and get a chance to win the real cash prizes. From 2048, most of these games require you to stop, plan each step, and keep your strategy to end the game or get results. It doesn’t go any further, though. Let’s start with 2048 and see if your brain doesn’t have a tank after that!