Are you interested in the services provided by Global Sculptor com Us? Do you want detailed information? If so, you may have come to the most suitable website. In this article, you will learn about the privacy policy of this website, its products, and most importantly, the fame it has gained on the Internet.

This is a United States-based website that claims to keep user data completely secure and confidential. This website contains many quizzes to improve the thinking ability of users.

However, most online browsers wonder how old this site is and what services it offers. You can get detailed information here.

What is Global Sculptor com Us about? is a web platform that promises to create various applications and games for users. This site also develops commercial applications and works remotely from all over the world.

The application can be accessed not only by users from the United States, but also by viewers around the world. Moreover, this website has also developed an online learning tool to help users prepare for an interview for US citizenship. This app runs a test of twenty questions with audio.

Necessary information about

• This website has a significant domain age of two years, ten months, and eight days.

• This Global Sculptor com Us does not collect the necessary personally identifiable information from users under the age of thirteen. And if it accepts data from children under thirteen, the site deletes the data immediately.

• This website is present on almost all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

• US Citizenship Tests conducted by this website are kept up to date and strictly conform to the current kit provided by USCIS.

Product list of this

Here is a detailed list of applications and games developed by this website:

• Office history

• Luminous puzzles, which are probably the most convenient and easiest matching game of matching different colored dots.

• Geography quiz

• The US Citizenship Test, which is probably the most beneficial application developed by Global Sculptor com Us. This app allows users to prepare for a citizenship interview through online trials.

• A journey in the form of a puzzle

• Glowbom

Final verdict

This website, which comes from the United States, works remotely from all over the world. This website develops various puzzles and quizzes for users that are available on the Google Play Store.

Additionally, this website has active social media pages and several people following it. Users can view the privacy policy by searching online.

Let our readers know what you think of this Global Sculptor com Us? Are you a resident of the United States and have you passed the citizenship test on this website? Comment below.