GMAT 2021

The GMAT exam is a multiple choice exam that is computer-adaptive and usually mandatory to take when you are looking to apply for a graduate-level management programme abroad. The test is used as a measure of your aptitude in logical reasoning, basic maths, and the English language. Candidates who have an MBA degree find themselves being offered higher salaries and have access to better career prospects.

Moreover, the GMAT is a three and a half-hour long examination that requires intense preparation. Hence, let’s look at the GMAT syllabus to help you begin your GMAT prep.

GMAT Syllabus 2021

The GMAT syllabus 2021 is divided into 4 parts or sections:

1. The Analytical Writing Assessment –In this section, your analytical abilities will be put to the test. You’ll have to write an essay from a given short prompt. You must critically evaluate the argument by presenting organised ideas and relevant arguments with practical reasoning to back them up. Ensure that your write-up has effective supporting examples. The end goal is to have a well-structured essay with clear points and good examples. You are given 30 minutes for this section.

 2.   Integrated Reasoning  –This section has 12 questions and these are divided into four types: Graphics Interpretation, Multi-Source Reasoning, Table Analysis and Two-Part Analysis. This section tests your ability to analyse data and evaluate information. To practice this section, you can solve similar practice questions while paying close attention to the details. You need to get used to using an on-screen calculator as well. Also, it is crucial to pay attention to utilising your time in an efficient way. You are given 30 minutes for this section.

3.  Quantitative Reasoning –This section has 31 questions. It measures your ability to reason mathematically, interpret data and solve quantitative problems. It includes problem-solving and data sufficiency multiple-choice questions. The questions test you on arithmetic, geometry and algebraic concepts. You are given 62 minutes for this section.

4.    Verbal Reasoning –The verbal reasoning section of the GMAT has three types of questions — Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning. There are also grammar-related questions. A good understanding of the tools of language and grammar will help you ace this section. You are given 65 minutes to solve 36 questions.

Now, let’s see what eligibility criterias you need to fulfill if you take up the exam.

GMAT Eligibility Criteria

The GMAT eligibility criteria is very minimal.

 If you are over 13 years old, you can attempt the GMAT. Note that until the age of 17, you will need permission from a parent or guardian. Over the age of 18, you can register for the GMAT without any permission. You can take the GMAT no matter what your nationality is, and there is also no cut-off score or grades with which you need to take the exam. The exam is open to all. Moreover, work experience or the lack thereof is also not a criterion but adds value if you have one.
Besides important things to note with regards to reattempting the exam is that the GMAT exam can be taken up to five times a year, but there has to be a minimum gap of sixteen days between each attempt. Overall, it can be attempted up to eight times in a lifetime.

Hope this article provided you with a basic idea of the GMAT syllabus and the eligibility criteria. Now, when you decide to take the exam, you will know where to begin.