You want to be close to your family and friends, and a granny flat appears to be a smart option. But where do you begin? Continue reading. For elderly Australians and their families, so-called ‘granny apartments’ from Granny Flat Solutions are becoming a viable alternative to aged care institutions. It may, however, be much more than just a home for grandmother. 

While the concept may be appealing, it is critical that granny flat cost arrangements be thoroughly examined and a legal agreement be in place to ensure everyone’s happiness. 

Northern NSW granny flats have proved time and again that our work and professionalism are respected by the HIA.

Out The Back, You’ll Be Constructing A Classic Granny Apartment 

While a granny flat can be a room in a house, this article focuses on the more conventional concept of a little cottage next to the backyard pool. 

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Most local governments allow granny flats, however, it depends on where you live and how big your property is. Check with your local council first, and if they allow it, be aware that you will have to pay council fees, and the council will want precise designs of the granny flat before it can be approved. 

Be Cautious Of The Following When Submitting An Application To The City Council: 

  • A “contribution fee” of up to $20,000 may be charged by a few municipalities. This is unusual, but it has the potential to tilt the scales against the structure.
  • A Development Approval (DA) application may be required.
  • In Victoria, a granny apartment can only be occupied by someone who is financially dependent on the owner of the main property.
  • Australian construction codes must be followed by all granny flats.
  • Bathrooms, kitchens, and private access are all requirements for independent living in granny flats.
  • On a single residential property, only one granny flat is permitted. A principal dwelling must also be located on the land.
  • A private entrance and outdoor area are required for the granny flat. 

Granny Flats Come In A Variety Of Shapes And Sizes 

  • Built-to-order
  • There are kits available.
  • There are flat pack granny apartments available. 

Granny flat builders may send a granny flat to any area. Although a kit granny flat may come fully assembled, you may still need to construct a foundation and connect water and electricity. 

Kits and flatpack granny flats are available in a number of forms, but is a custom-made granny flat right for you? A custom-made granny flat may be a better investment if you own a more costly home. Any granny flat can increase a home’s value, but don’t scrimp at the expense. Granny flats have been advertised for as low as $10,000, however, they may not add value to your home. 

Granny flats are not cheap, but they are less expensive than adding on to your property. They may also provide a strong return on investment and contribute more to a property than just their worth. 

Conclusion:- Whenever you want a custom-built granny flat, seek quotations and evaluate them carefully because some quotes will include a slab, plumbing, and electricity. Kit houses for granny flats are sometimes less expensive and equally as excellent as specially made granny flats.