Grooming Kit For Men's Skin

Every skin is unique and requires the right type of essentials to feed, leading to the ultimate pampering experience. But before you start, always understand and identify your skin type. Get to know the category into which you can put your skin – sensitive, dry, normal, oily or combination. 

Just like women, men’s skin also needs regular pampering and care. And you must have an individual face grooming kit for men ready with skin-appropriate products for the best results.

Build Your Basic Skin Care Routine

As much as the skin texture, type, colour, and features vary, so do the problems. You may have acne, tanning, sensitivity, rashes, or allergies, making it essential to select your skin care products accordingly. 

Each product has different ingredients, which you must follow and understand for an impressive result. But before that, here is a general guide to an ingredient-based skincare routine and what all you can include in your face grooming kit for men.  

  • Any skincare routine must include these basic steps – cleanse, exfoliate, tone and finally, use a moisturiser. 
  • You can use natural exfoliators with a balanced pH level instead of chemical scrubs. Exfoliate once or twice a week based on your skin concerns. 
  • Ingredients like Ashwagandha, Neem and Tea Tree are great for acne-prone skin. These come with purifying and soothing capabilities. 

Transform Your Daily Ritual Into A Pampering Experience: A Step-By-Step Guide

Clear skin, free from all the dirt, sebum, and tan, will help you with a natural glow. Here is a complete guide, helping you with a thorough skincare routine that includes your face grooming kit for men.

Step 1: Cleanse

Wash your face in the morning, evening, and every time after completing your workout. Use a gentle cleanser for the best results. Apply your cleanser over the dry face and then massage it in a circular motion to lather well. This will have a magnetic effect and clean out all the germs and sweat off your face. After a minute, wash off the cleanser with clear water.  

Step 2: Exfoliate 

Weekly exfoliation helps clear off dead skin cells and ingrown hair. There are various natural exfoliators that you can add to the grooming kit for men. When exfoliating, apply the solution to your face, leave it there for 10 minutes, and then rinse off with cleaner.  

Step 3: Apply A Serum

On other days, when you are not exfoliating, you can skip step 2 and apply a face serum after cleansing your face. Add a serum to the face grooming kit for men based on your skin type. Often, people have their own sets of doubts about serums. However, these skin-boosting essentials will sweep deep into your skin, leading to a healthy glowing skin. 

Step 4: Use A Moisturiser

Your skin requires proper hydration, and in this regard, nothing can replace a moisturiser. There are three different moisturiser types that you can select for your skin.

  • Humectants – The moisturiser will draw moisture from the atmosphere and add to the outer layer of your skin. The base ingredients include hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, urea and glycerin.  
  • Emollients – Among emollients, you will find collagen and ceramide, which help treat the signs of ageing and eczema. You get oil and lipid ingredients included within the moisturiser, like – dimethicone, cocoa butter, mineral oil, shea butter and lanolin. 
  • Occlusives – You have beeswax, silicones and petroleum jelly as the base ingredient to eliminate moisture loss.  

The table will help you select the perfect moisturiser for your skin type. 

Skin TypeMoisturiser
Oily SkinGo for gel-based moisturisers with no oil. These are great for acne-prone skin, owing to their non-greasy and lightweight feature. 
Combination/Normal SkinYou can use any moisturiser type for your skin or apply a combination of more than one. 
Dry SkinGet a moisturiser that contains water and oil ingredients. Water will draw moisture from the atmosphere, and oil will help lock it to your skin. 
Sensitive SkinGet a moisturiser free of irritants and parabens that are fragranceless as well. 

Step 5: Layer A Sunscreen

Do not forget to include sunscreen in your face grooming kit for men. It is the last and the final step in your pampering routine. You can skip this step in your night skin care routine. Instead, add a face mask after you are done with cleansing your face and then carry forward from step 3. 

Tips To Follow For The Perfect Skin  

Here are a few tips to help you with flawless skin and maintain the inner glow. 

  • Avoid applying exfoliators during the day.
  • Do not stretch your skin while shaving. Also, to eliminate razor bumps, ingrown hairs and burns, use a single or double-blade razor instead of the multi-blade one.  
  • After thoroughly reviewing the ingredients in the face grooming kit for men, add products according to your skin type. Get moisturisers and cleansers with “non-comedogenic” or “oil-free” written on the labels.    


That is all, how you can transform products from your regular men’s grooming kit to contribute to a pampering session. Always check your skin, get the products with the right ingredient, and you are sorted.