As a real estate investor, we want to find the best homeowners looking to “sell my house fast Philadelphia”. With there being so many companies that state we buy houses Philadelphia leading to more opportunities for a seller. Finding new ways to adapt in this industry to stay ahead of our competition. The internet has provided significant benefits for over twenty years. As humans, we use the internet for business and pleasure; technology grows while presenting more advantages. As technology advances, we figure out more unique methods for “REAL ESTATE MARKETING” and networking through social media. Different online applications/platforms fit a variety of business needs. Depending upon your overall goal, some social media platforms, and real estate marketing methods may produce more results than others. When most individuals think of utilizing social media for marketing, they assume that the only way to see results is paid promotions which is not valid. There are many different ways to use social media platforms for free business promotions, including gaining backlinks for your website. A  backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website. This blog post will explain the benefits and personal experience using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to promote and grow a  business.

The benefits of Twitter 

Twitter is one of the most powerful tools to build a website and marketing for your company. If you’re participating in writing SEO, it’s recommended to link your website to your Twitter account. Twitter helps establish natural backlinks that can help your website rank on Google. Twitter is a great way to network with other entrepreneurs worldwide, and many companies utilize Twitter to gain more exposure for their business. Each tweet strengthens your Google presence since it connects directly to your website. Twitter allows your business to stay connected with recent news & trends within your industry while allowing you to reach new audiences. Continue posting relevant, high-quality content daily while interacting with other accounts for results. 

How to use Instagram to gain exposure 

In our opinion, Instagram is excellent for building a personal brand or for companies selling items. Our personal experience led to exposure around the country but never directly assisted our company with making our website. Unlike Twitter and YouTube, Instagram isn’t directly connected to SEO purposes. 

Our Instagram page generated a few local leads, resulting in two closings. Although we’ve experienced success on Instagram, there’s still a strong belief that Instagram is directed more towards pleasure than business. Instagram only shows posts by individuals/accounts you choose to follow, limiting you to exposure compared to Twitter. Regarding paid Instagram promotions to reach new audiences, they can be very beneficial. Instagram allows your business to get an estimated 110 to 300 accounts per U.S  dollar. We suggest using Instagram to network with other real estate investors & to generate real estate leads. If your focus is building a brand to sell merchandise, you’ll receive the best results and growth through Instagram.

Benefits of utilizing Facebook

It’s highly beneficial to use Facebook to grow a real estate business and our real estate advertisement simply because Facebook allows for better results than Instagram because our targeted audience is adults that own property. It seems like more homeowners are on Facebook while Instagram appears to have more young adults active on their applications. Running Facebook ads allows you to set a certain mile radius around a zipcode while targeting particular interests. Facebook ads are similar to Instagram;  besides one specific aspect, Facebook ads reach an estimated 35 to 106 accounts per U.S dollar, one-third of Instagram. As mentioned, the preferred demographics for “REAL ESTATE MARKETING” and advertisements will be adults who own property. Over the last two years, we’ve used Facebook to bring in more website traffic. If you can stay consistent with quality content, the Facebook algorithm will favor your business account!

Business experience with YouTube

Another helpful platform in regards to building your business will be YouTube. Just like Twitter, YouTube is directly linked to Google results. Most companies recommend posting at least one YouTube video with your company name in the video title and description if you just started your website. Just like any other social media platform, the more content, the better; posting your company information throughout every social media application allows for Google to scan your accounts to verify your business. We never conducted paid advertisement through YouTube, but we also recommend creating a “YouTube Short  Video” to receive over 800 views within eight hours. YouTube is attempting to promote this feature, so it’s a method to gain more views equivalent to more exposure. The best way to utilize YouTube as a real estate investor is to create “how-to” videos sharing your knowledge teaching others different aspects of real estate. These real estate educational videos can be highly beneficial to those looking to learn as well as the creator seeking growth within the industry while strengthening their web presence and social media accounts. Lastly, the most rewarding form of advertisement within the real estate industry will be Google ads; if run correctly, it’ll strengthen your website while generating leads that homeowners are motivated to sell property, reaching out directly to you! 

Trial and error: Explore all options

Everything in life takes time and patience! Suppose you’re not fortunate enough to receive formal education on marketing and advertisement. In that case, you’ll be forced to learn different techniques on your own while experiencing trial and error with expansion and business exposure. It takes effort to figure out the most beneficial plan to receive the greatest return on your investment; that’s one reason it’s recommended to use these free platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.  Numerous individuals on these platforms don’t spend a dollar on promoting their business; they simply utilize their skills and take full advantage of these social media applications. The internet continues to grow, and it’s essential to keep up with the latest trends, platforms, and algorithms to get an early advantage, just like mentioned previously about the YouTube shorts. Always continue to network with other entrepreneurs to stay in the loop about the following route to benefit your company. Utilize various platforms to figure out the best niche and stick to that niche. Stay consistent with sharing posts and use other individuals’ experiences to benefit your business! Networking is the key to success!