Google Ads can help you generate traffic to your pages while you wait for your organic SEO campaigns to take off. With the right person on your team, you could improve and revolutionize your AdWords strategy. To get that done, you’ll need a specialist. Finding one is easier when you know how to go about this. Here’s a guide to help you navigate through the hiring pitfalls. 

Know What You Need 

Be clear about the responsibilities that you expect from your Google Ads Specialist. Even better, come up with a list. That way, you know what qualities you’re looking for. You won’t get sidetracked every time you check out potential candidates. You’ll have a clear idea of who you need for the job. This also clears up potential misunderstandings upfront. 

Look for Job Boards

There are platforms these days that make it easier to hire talents from everywhere. Consider signing up for one. Paid platforms offer access to a better talent pool, so you can come up with a short list of candidates pretty quickly. Just make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the platform so you can navigate with ease. Take the time to understand the features and you should be good to go after a few tries. 

Hire a Freelancer or Agency 

With job boards, you have the freedom to choose a freelancer or consider the services of an agency. Both arrangements have their pros and cons. If you have a smaller budget and you’re testing it out for now, a freelancer might be a good fit with your business. However, if you have various digital marketing needs and you foresee growing your business in the future, you might need the services of a bigger team, one that can provide a range of services and easily grow with your business. Decide where you want to take your business in the future to determine which one’s a better option for you. 

Consider Their Experience 

You can check out the credentials of the Google Ads expert that you’re hiring. The information should be on the platform. What kind of work has the freelancer or agency done in the past? Is that the kind of work that you’re involved in right now? This will give you an idea whether you and the contractor are a good fit. 

Check the Reviews

What do the reviews say? Consider the feedback. Go online, too, and search for anything connected to the company—if you’re hiring an agency—or to the freelancer. You’ll want to know as much as you can before you take on someone as a part of your team. The more you know, the more informed your decisions will be. 

Look for Packages

Many service providers also offer packages for their services. Take the time to check them out. That could be a good deal for you and give you an idea what else might be missing from your digital marketing strategy. Consult with the freelancer or agency on other tasks that they could take up for your business. 

Talk About Fees

How much will their services cost? Does that total work with your budget? If you have other services in mind that you would like the contractor to take on but isn’t part of the packages they offer, how much will that cost? Most importantly, is the company transparent with its charges? The last thing you want is to get surprise fees because of some other service they tacked on there. 

Assess Their Understanding 

Does the service provider have a good understanding of your industry and where you want to take your business? Are you on the same page? An AdWords specialist needs to have experience in your business sector. If that isn’t the case, at least hire someone who is willing to learn more about that industry to understand the behavior of your target market. That’s a must. If they don’t even bother to do a bit of research on that, though, talk to them about it. Make it easier for them by putting together a dossier on your company or what your major points are. If that still doesn’t work, consider hiring someone else. 

Factor in Their Capacity 

Is the firm capable of providing for your needs? Does it have the capacity and resources to provide the output you want for your project? Work out a setup and see if it works for both parties. Sometimes, it’s all a matter of schedule. For instance, rush deadlines will certainly put pressure on the team. But if you all work out an agreeable schedule for the output, you might find that the freelancer or agency is a good partner for your business. Think about all that before you hire a team or contractor for your task or business for the long term.