Guide to Play Online 4D

A lottery game known as the 4-Digits or 4D lottery is played in Singapore, as well as in Malaysia and Germany. Any four-digit number between 0000 and 9999 is available to players in 4D. The pool of entries will determine the 23 winning numbers in each 4D result. A prize gets awarded to a player who correctly predicts at least one of the winning digits in 4D lottery Singapore. The bettor has won the jackpot payout, though, if they accurately predicted all four numbers.

The jackpot for a 4D lottery ticket is $1, but in addition to the first wager, players can place additional bets to increase their chances of winning. A 4D lottery ticket’s prize is $1. But, players can place extra bets in addition to their first wager to increase their chances of winning, even though doing so incurs additional costs. Three times per week, at roughly 6:30 p.m. Singapore time on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the 4D Lotto draw takes place.

How to make a 4D wager


The most popular type of wager is an ordinary stake, which costs $1 each. To wager, you must:

  • Select a numeric value between 0000 and 9999, then shade it on the slip.
  • Choose from Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday as your draw day.
  • Don’t fill in the “iBet” and “SYS Entry” areas.
  • You can place a Big wager or a Small bet. Read more about the Small Bet’s increased risk and higher reward under “How the draw works.”

System Entrance

The difference between 4D and TOTO is that, unlike the latter, the order of the counts of the number. As a result, if you enter 1234 but the draw results in4321, your entry will be invalid. Choose System Entry and input every combination of the numbers you choose to be safe. The number of permutations will affect the price.


System Entry can be expensive, so iBet is a better option if you want your $1 to cover all conceivable permutations. Except that you only have to pay the regular $1, it is the same as System Entry. 

4D Roll

The final submission is 4D Roll, where you choose 3-numbers rather than Four and write R in place of the last number. Similar to TOTO’s System Roll, R can represent any number from 0 to 9. You will be out ten times what you bet on this.

Strategies to Use In 4D 

You could get a tip on how to win toto 4d from several different things. You first comprehend the various winning combinations available to increase your chances of the toto 4d jackpot prize. Most of the best online casino Singapore review sites provide useful summaries about this.

Straight Line: the first and most fundamental winning combination is this one. Five numbers from 1 to 47 will get lined up in a straight line on the winning ticket.

Box: the box is another easy winning combination. On the ticket, the numbers get placed in a 3 x 3 arrangement here.

Cluster: created when the numbers on your ticket are arranged together in a row or column of the grid.

6-Way: this occurs when the numbers on your ticket get dispersed throughout the entire grid.