Getting injured after slip and fall injuries can be distressing. These injuries are common and can happen to anyone. Slip and fall injuries can result in broken bones, twisted wrists, and hip fractures. Additionally, these accidents can cause head injuries. These injuries can change the course of your life. 

Wet surfaces, environmental conditions like snow, wet uneven surfaces, unsafe ladders, poorly constructed stairs, improper safety practices, etc. are common causes of slip and fall injuries. As a victim, it’s important to understand your rights. For instance, you can institute legal action and get compensated. Hire Gainesville Slip and Fall Attorney and get the best legal representation for slip and fall injuries. 


Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere to anybody. These accidents can cause severe injuries. For instance, a slip and fall accident can lead to head injuries. To prevent these accidents, it’s important to understand the top causes of slip and fall injuries. 

Common Causes

Slip and fall accidents are common in different settings. From workplaces to apartments you can experience a slip and fall injury at any place. You should exercise care when visiting shopping malls. Also, take care while in casinos, churches, mosques, and public halls. The following are the top causes of slip and fall accidents.

Poor Lighting

If you are walking along a poorly lit walkway, you may experience slip and fall injuries. Thus, exercise care when walking on poorly lit streets. You can use a torch to improve visibility. Alternatively, walk slowly or avoid these walkways, especially at night. Ask your landlord to install sufficient lighting in these areas to minimize slip and fall injuries.

Surface Conditions

Surface conditions can cause slip and fall injuries. For instance, mopped and waxed floors can make the surface look slippery. Also, loose floorboards and mats can cause fall and skip injuries. Be careful with potholes, especially in parking lots. They can cause accidents.

Check to see if the floor contains spilled liquids. Also, grease on floors can cause slip-and-fall accidents. Ice on the floor is another big cause of these accidents.

Slippery floors, especially in apartments and shopping malls can cause slip and fall injuries. Greater caution should be taken when walking in these areas. Walk slowly. Wear the right shoes. Avoid wet surfaces. Wait until the surfaces are dry first. Running on smooth surfaces can also cause slip and fall injuries.

Poor Training

Slip and fall accidents can happen on a construction site. Poor training can lead to injuries. That’s why all employees should be properly trained. Employees should be taken through rigorous training on safety protocols. They should also familiarize themselves with risky areas. Employees should be trained on how to handle various machines. For instance, employees should not run on a construction site. It can cause accidents.

Stray Cords

Stray cords can cause accidents. The same applies to electrical wires. These cords, especially when placed in walkways, can hook your shoes. This can cause you to fall. Electrical wires can also hook pedestrians, causing them to fall on busy streets. Authorities should ensure that there are no loose wires or chords on walkways. If you are a victim of slip and fall injuries, contact your lawyer. Choose an excellent lawyer with experience in slip and fall injuries.

Negligence In Nursing Homes

Slip and fall accidents are also common in nursing homes. This is because most people admitted to these facilities are venerable. Patients with walking disabilities can easily fall. Aging people don’t have the right balance. If you are a victim of slip and fall accidents a lawyer.

Environmental Conditions

Environmental conditions can also cause slip and fall injuries. This includes conditions like trash, debris, etc. Also, pay attention to factors like a bright light that reflects the surface and causes glare. If an area is poorly lit, it can lead to slip and fall injuries. When walking, be wary of cords in walkways, open desks, as well as cabinet drawers.

Ladders, Stairs

Ladders can also cause slip and fall injuries, especially when poorly constructed. The same applies to stairs. Poorly constructed stairs can also cause slip and fall injuries. Walk slowly. Take one step at a time. Don’t be in a rush. You may end up injuring yourself.

All stairs should have handrails to support people as they move up. If these handrails are missing, the chances of slip and fall injuries are high. Also, when climbing stairs, be careful. Do it slowly. Don’t rush. It can cause slip-and-fall accidents. Consider taking one step at a time. Ensure that the ladders are secured. Don’t use chairs to climb. It can cause accidents.

Certain Occupations

Certain occupations can increase your chances of getting involved in slip and fall accidents. For instance, if you are a construction worker, housekeeper, chef, or manual laborer, your risks of getting involved in a slip and all accidents are high. Also, factory workers are at risk of getting involved in these types of accidents.

How Can Property Owners Prevent Slip-And-Fall Accidents?

Like any other accidents, slip and fall accidents can happen. However, they are preventable. Property workers should take the necessary steps to prevent slip and fall accidents. The following are top tips and tricks a property owner should take to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Reducing Wet, Slippery Surfaces

Wet and slippery floors can cause accidents. As a property owner, ensure that your floors are not wet. Eliminate slippery surfaces around your property. Mop wet surfaces. Repair all parking lots.  Ensure that the sideways are properly repaired. Remove snow or ice from the surfaces. Leverage adhesive stripping. Make use of anti-skip paint. You can also invest in moisture-absorbing carpets and mats, especially at entrance points. Always, display wet floor signs whenever you are doing the cleaning. All spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Obstacles Along Walkways

Obstacles can also cause accidents around your property. Thus, deal with any environmental obstacles that can cause slip and fall accidents. Keep all pass was clear. Remove obstacles from the walkway. Ensure that the walkways are clean, clear, and well organized. Remove boxes from walkways. Ensure that heavily trafficked areas don’t contain heavy obstacles.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is an essential part when it comes to the safety of any property’s occupants. Lighting can minimize accidents. Thus, ensure that all parts are lit properly. Keep all areas lit. Provide clear switches. Ensure that all lighting accessories are accessible. All switches should be positioned in the right locations.

Walk Carefully

Be careful when moving around. Don’t walk carelessly. Don’t run in risky areas. For instance, running on a slippery floor can cause slip-and-fall accidents. Don’t text while walking. Avoid distractions when moving around. Don’t drink while walking. Don’t answer emails while walking.

Proper Shoes

Always, wear the right shoes. When running, wear shoes designed for athletes. Tie up your shoelaces. Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes. Flat shoes can prevent slip and fall injuries.

Know Your Surroundings

Besides wearing the right shoes, it’s important to understand the areas that can cause these types of accidents. For instance, a grocery store poses a great risk of falling. You must be careful when around the freezers and wet floors. When handling wet items, be extra cautious to prevent slip and fall injuries.

Understanding Liability In Slip And Fall Accidents

Liability is an important component of slip and fall injuries. Usually, it’s based on negligence. Generally, landlords are required to exercise reasonable care in buildings to prevent slip and fall injuries. They have a duty to make their properties safe for tenants. However, the duty varies based on the person’s status. Generally, the following criteria are used when evaluating the liability of the landlord in a property:

  • Invitees—These are invited people to a property. They are invited for business dealings or any other purpose. For instance, retail shoppers, guests, visitors, etc. fall under invites.
  • Licensees—Licenses are either invited or uninvited guests. Invited guests represent people invited to a property by the property owner. They are also known as social guests. On the other hand, invited licensees are people who don’t have invitations but their presence can be justified. They include salespeople and mailmen.
  • Trespassers—Trespassers are people who don’t have the legal rights to be on a particular property. They don’t have permission from the property owner.

How Is Liability Determined

A landowner owes an invitee or invited licensee a duty of care. However, the law requires the landlord to conduct inspections and make a property safe for guests. This includes removing dangers that can make his/her property safe. For instance, the landlord should remove obstacles from the way, erect safety signs, light up walkways, etc. He/she should use friction tiles to reduce slip and fall accidents.

A landowner owes an uninvited licensee lower duty when it comes to caring. However, the law demands landlords desist from willful and wanton injury. These are actions that can cause injuries. They include booty traps, vicious dogs, etc.

If you are a trespasser, the landowner owes you no duty of care. You are on your own. You cannot sue a landowner because you were injured while trespassing.

How To Hire The Best Slip-And-Fall Lawyer

 Slip and fall injuries can turn your life for the worst. Plus, you may end up losing a lot of money in form of medical fees. That’s why you need the right compensation. Maximize your compensation by hiring the best lawyer. Remember, there are several lawyers on the market. Choose wisely. Here are key factors to consider before hiring a slip-and-fall lawyer.


Choose an experienced lawyer. Check the lawyer’s past successful cases. Has he/she handled similar cases in the last? Does he/she have the right experience to handle your case? Choose a lawyer who can guarantee you results. Also, choose a Gainesville Slip and Fall Lawyer with a high success rate.


Slip and fall cases are complex. They require experienced minds. You need someone who specializes in slip and fall cases. That’s why you should avoid general lawyers. They won’t guarantee you excellent results.


Choose a lawyer who sympathizes with you. A lawyer with empathy will do anything to make sure that you get the right compensation. He/she should sympathize with your case. Remember, this is the time you need someone who can support you emotionally. Choose a lawyer who cares.

Education Background

Check the educational background of the lawyer you intend to hire. Where did he/she go to school? How did he/she perform? Choose a lawyer with an excellent educational background. This is the only way you can be guaranteed great services.


Read reviews from past customers. Customers will always positively or negatively rate a lawyer. A bad lawyer will always attract negative reviews. On the other hand, a good lawyer will attract positive reviews. Thus. Check the reviews first.


Conduct your research. Google will give you several options. Sample at least 10 options. Conduct interviews. Check the ratings of these lawyers. Ask them questions. Schedule phone calls. You can also meet them physically.


Choose a certified lawyer. Certification means that the lawyer has met all the required conditions to practice. Check the lawyer’s licensing. Top lawyers are certified by reputable organizations. Certification means that you will receive high-quality services. 


Choose a lawyer with excellent communication skills. Communication will help the lawyer to litigate your case in court. He/she will use communication skills to convince the judge when litigating your case.

The Bottom-Line

Slip and fall accidents are common in workplaces, residential buildings, offices, factories, etc. Slip and fall injuries can affect any part of your body. For instance, they can cause injuries to your head, wrists, etc. Common symptoms of slip and fall, injuries include dizziness, severe headache, as well as nausea. Pain from slip-and-fall injuries can last for days to weeks. As a victim, it’s important to know the steps to take after a slip and fall injury. The above guide contains everything you should know about slip and fall injuries.