If you have been living with low self-esteem due to hair loss, it’s time for things to change. You need to stop looking into the mirror towards your receding hairline and start working towards a solution. Many people believe that hair transplant is the only solution and ignore the next best alternative in the market.

By this time you might have guessed what we are going to talk about in the article. Hair wigs have been in the market for quite some time but people refrain from using one due to lack of information and mainstream acceptance, especially men across different age groups.

What Causes Hair Loss In Men?

Hair loss in men is quite common and happens due to a variety of reasons. The most common reason being a condition triggered by the genes – Androgenetic Alopecia.

The other common reasons being; medical issues, unhealthy lifestyle, stress and infection. Any hair wig for men is available in various customisable styles and price ranges making them useful to all.

What Are The Advantages Of Wearing A Hair Wig?

  • Instant results
  • Can be used to hide thinning of hair
  • Protecting the natural hair from the colouring and styling
  • Unlimited Styles to choose from.
  • Customisation available
  • Boost of self-confidence

How Does The Hair Wig Help Cover Bald Patches?

Depending on the type of coverage, there are broadly two types of hair wigs:

1. Lace Front: The fringe is pushed away farther from the head without any visible edges.

2. Monofilament: The fibres are hand-tied to the cap of the wig creating an effect of hair flowing down from the scalp. One can choose partial or full monofilament depending upon your condition.

Is Caring For A Hair Wig difficult?

Hair needs nourishment and care just like the other parts of the body. The hair wig becomes a part of your overall presence and one should definitely put efforts into keeping it in good condition.

However, the techniques and ways aren’t very complicated. One needs to use a product specifically for your hair wig and handle it gently. By using a wide-tooth comb and restricting excessive styling the wig can be kept in a good condition.

How To Secure The Wig In Place?

The most common question people have is regarding the secure placement of the wig. Experts have designed the hair wig for men in such a way that it seamlessly mixes with your natural hair quality.

1. Wig Cap

The professionals’ advice because of the additional benefit it brings to the customers. This acts as a barrier to sweat and oil and prevents any kind of itchiness.

2. Wig Band

Layered up with gel these help in keeping the wig in place along with providing a soothing effect to the head.

3. Wig Tape

It’s the most affordable solution with hypoallergenic properties used with the assistance of an expert.


Wigs are absolutely safe as they are customised for your specific hair and scalp. A medical expert can walk you through the entire procedure so that you know what’s best for your hair.

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