Have You Outgrown Your House

You could have been living in the same house for as long as you can remember and still be fond of it with all its unique attributes, both positive and negative. But, are there aspects of it you can’t stand anymore? Chances are you’ve already outgrown your house.

That feeling that you’re so sure this and that part of your house should go is understandable as our changes evolve. Here are other signs that you are ready to make changes in your house, if not ultimately move to a new one:

Outdated Design

When you can’t help but nitpick even the tiniest details of your interior like the Victorian-inspired pattern on your fireplace, doors, or countertops, it’s telling that you are ready to get your house spruced up with a modern flair. You could only tolerate seeing the same out-of-trend design daily. After all, it is ever true how your environment greatly affects your mood, more so that which you wake up to.

You know in your heart how the design your house currently has no longer serves you its aesthetic purpose. This is a common sentiment for today’s grownups who live in a property passed onto them by their parents. You know, too, how much it would delight you if you can get your hands on redesigning the house and making it truly yours design-wise.

You’re Tired of Cleaning It

Comparing pre-pandemic times to now, it is almost absurd how we could afford to romanticize spending time mostly at home given the many chores we had to juggle with work to keep our surroundings clean and, in turn, maintain our peace of mind. Before the pandemic, putting off our plans to unclutter came easy because we had days and nights out to distract ourselves. Now, we raise hands to any idea or contraption that will make cleaning as effortless as possible.

The pandemic surely exacerbated our love-hate relationship with cleaning. The prolonged duration of staying indoors made sticking to a consistent cleaning routine a challenge. It’s almost as if the quarantine wired our brains into thinking that there is no point in cleaning so hard because it will get dirty in a jiffy.

Modern architecture and engineering trends, particularly those that make upkeep easier for the homeowner, are all over the Internet. Being exposed to these types of useful content, you can’t help but think how much you can improve your quality of life if you applied the same principles these home-building experts used. Things like uncut tiling for your bathroom walls to lessen the grout you need to keep clean and matte black faucets that won’t accumulate limescale would constantly come to mind but, sadly, are things you could only wish for now.

Not-So-Functional Space

We all have that space or room in our house that we can’t quite identify the purpose of. It could be storage of objects that are not frequently used like golf clubs and other sports paraphernalia or Halloween or Christmas decor. All these years, the space has been jam-packed with so many random things and nobody seemed to mind.

And, due to this unspoken consensus of using the said room for literally whatever, it now unintentionally bred a hoarding habit for everyone. Leaving less optimized space which, otherwise, could have been a space for other vital activities is a telltale sign that you and the rest of the house’s occupants are no longer as invested in creating a harmonious and homey environment.

Unless, one day you all agree to do a major cleanup and make space for, say, a new family room with consoles that everyone enjoys, it is implied that the place you’ve always called home is only good in word. It’s simply a place to rest, the rest you would rather do elsewhere.

Wanting an All-New Home

For a combination of reasons which may include wanting to start over with life and better financial status, wanting a new place to call home is always a viable course of action. If you think and feel like things will better fall into place, even if it takes a lot of paperwork to officially own the property that has won your heart and hire a long-distance mover to get you settled there, then it is indicative of you outgrowing your old home.

In some cases, it is not your current house per se but the location that you feel you’ve already outgrown. You feel like you’ve been too sheltered in a familiar bubble and you want, once and for all, to break out of it and explore the bigger world beyond. In turn, you want to explore what you’re good at and how you can help the community with the skills you can offer.

Outgrowing your house could mean it could no longer satiate your current needs. While such an occurrence has sad connotations, it could also signify your growth and you should embrace this passage of a phase in your life.