Would you let a marketing consultant walk into the operating room and complete an appendectomy, a C-section, or your most frequently performed procedure? If the answer is no, as it should be, then you understand the importance of making sure a professional is the only one performing “surgery” on your healthcare marketing methods. Hiring a professional is critical if you want to grow your practice to its maximum potential.

Healthcare Marketing: 5 Advantages of Hiring a Professional

1. They Bring Innovative Ideas

Marketing professionals can breathe life into your marketing efforts. When your passion isn’t marketing, it’s easy to feel you’ve exhausted every avenue trying to grow your business. However, your marketing team will arrive ready to invent creative solutions to your marketing problems, build engaging campaigns, and implement new ways to increase your revenue.

2. They Understand What Patients Want

Once upon a time, patients selected their healthcare providers because they were conveniently located or referred by their insurance company. However, those days are long gone, and patients now prefer to choose their healthcare providers themselves. The internet makes it convenient to do so, offering up endless healthcare options that can make it difficult to stand out from the competition if you don’t know what consumers want.

Market research has found that today’s patients are looking for an emotional connection to their healthcare provider, meaning exposure is no longer enough to secure their patronage; they need to feel emotionally engaged. Creating that emotional response requires building a radical, authentic connection with patients through social media, advertising, and patient referrals.

3. They Improve Every Touchpoint

Every interaction with a patient, or potential patient matters, because each time you engage with them, they are either moving emotionally closer to you or farther away. When you connect with your patients on a personal level during each step of their journey, they will become advertisements for your practice.

Daniel Brian Advertising has developed a revolutionary method of earning patient preference, trademarked as ‘irrational advocacy.’ This concept creates ambassadors out of consumers by causing them to build emotional ties with your brand.

4. They are Consistent

When you handle your marketing in-house, your staff can become overwhelmed. When marketing is added to existing responsibilities, even the most diligent team member may have trouble managing it. Marketing your brand can’t be an afterthought. Bringing in a professional marketing team ensures that consistent energy and effort are allocated to your campaigns.

5. They Provide a Return on Your Investment

You’ll get your money’s worth when you hire a data-driven marketing agency. By tracking views and shares on social media posts, the number of consumer inquiries, and their conversion to attended appointments, your marketing team will be able to show you how their efforts are paying off. In addition to gaining new patients, you’ll also receive valuable insights into what marketing methods are most successful for your practice.

You can’t afford to leave patient acquisition to chance in the healthcare industry. Using a professional marketing team ensures that your business growth is entrusted to experienced hands, allowing you to sit back, relax, and wait for your new patients to arrive.