Are you a fan of the famous rapper Gunny? If so, you need to be aware of the online quarrel between his girlfriend and Heather Rose’s supposed mistress.

But who is Lil Baby then?

Well, he is also another famous American rapper from the United States. According to rumors, Heather Rose is also having an affair with Lil Baby,

This sounds like exciting news.

Hey wait there seems to be one more twist in this captivating story.

If you’d like to know more about the popular rumor, stay tuned and read our following Heather Rose and Lil Baby article.

Who are Lil Baby and Gunna?

Both Lil Baby and Gunna are famous singers, rappers and songwriters from Georgia, United States.

They are young, they happen and almost a year and a half apart.

Lil Baby and Gunna have great fans all over the world.

The charts of their early years and career were quite similar. Isn’t it strange that they are both related to the same girl?

No wonder fans are curious if Heather Rose and Gunna or Heather Rose and Lil Baby?

Let’s find out in the course of this article. But before that, let’s find out who this lucky girl Heather is.

Who is Heather Rose?

Heather Rose is a model and Instagram star from New York. She has beautiful butterfly tattoos on her lower back and left thigh.

Her fans love to follow her latest fashion, beauty and career news.

Can you imagine Heather Rose’s first Instagram post was on October 3, 2017, and today this famous model has 290,000 followers on the social media platform?

What is the rumor about Heather Rose and Gunnie, Heather Rose and Lil Baby?

The most popular news is about the online war of words between rapper Gunny’s girlfriend Jai Nice and Heather Rose.

Jai Nice threatens Heather Rose because she suspects Rose is having an affair with her boyfriend Gunna.

She even wrote on her microblogging site, “Don’t play with me because Gunna is the problem.”

Recently, Heather Rose is dating Gunna and Lil Baby as well as Young M.A., a rapper of similar sex.

Whoa, that’s a nice story!

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Final Verdict:

It is still unclear who Heather Rose has a serious relationship with. Is it Gunna, Lil Baby or Young M.A?

As you can see in the photos on Instagram, the president of Young M.A. calls Rose “my baby”. They even ride quads together. But none of the stars have an official confirmation of their relationship status.

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