Drinking water is very important and crucial for the survival of life on earth, so it is obvious that there should be plenty of clean drinking water if humanity is to survive on this planet. But unfortunately, the sources of freshwater are rapidly depleting due to various human processes, causing degradation and reduction of fresh water supply. And then there’s climate change, which is increasing water scarcity around the world.

On the brighter side, people are continuously innovating, and working hard to invent technologies that can either help provide water where it is scarce or help clean up already degraded water. Today we bring you a brief list of some of the innovations and technologies that can help in water purification and solve our water problems. 

1. Desalination systems

Desalination is a water filtration and water purification process that removes salts and other minerals from salt water. The desalination process makes the salt water potable for consumption and irrigation. Desalination systems are used in beach hotels and resorts, residences, boats, and many other commercial or industrial applications. 

2. Reverse osmosis (RO water purifiers) for water treatment

RO is a water purification technology that uses a partly permeable membrane to remove ions, undesirable compounds, and bigger particles from drinking water. As a result, the solute is held on the pressured side of the membrane while the pure solvent is permitted to pass through. A RO water purifier is regarded as one of the best water purifiers to use at home. 

3. Solar water filtration

Many countries in the world have enough water for their drinking water needs, but the water is contaminated or polluted because sewage sludge is directly discharged into water sources or sewage is contaminated into water pipes. This has become a major problem in developing countries where clean drinking water is already a problem. Therefore, solar water filtration is developed to provide 20,000 litres of clean water per day for more than 10 years using a solar and wind system. 

4. Microfiltration

Microfiltration (MF) is a pressure-controlled separation process widely used in the concentration, purification, or separation of macromolecules, colloids, and suspended particles from solution. MF membranes generally have average pore sizes that can effectively eliminate chemical additives, such as chlorination, by physically eliminating the germs. For example, Pureit includes MF technology with RO+UV to provide maximum filtration to their consumer. PureitUltima Mineral RO + UV + MF offers 7 stages of effective purification where the final stage of the Micro-Filtration Membrane to purifies the water not just once but three times to ensure you get tasty and 100% pure water.

5. Water-Saving Filtration System

Water is our most valuable resource. Because of the way humanity has relied on water, it is our responsibility to maintain this natural asset. Following that by heart, Pureit has introduced the Vital Series of water purifiers, all of which perform efficient cleaning with high water recovery of up to 60% and save up to 80 glasses per day compared to conventional ROs, which can protect your family’s health. Proven to remove pathogens, pesticides, and hazardous compounds, this top-of-the-line basic filter helps provide consistently clean drinking water. This range of purifiers involved innovative FitraPower technology that shown to eliminate harmful contaminants and give clean water. removes microorganisms, pesticides, and industrial pollutants, which are hazardous compounds.

6. Copper-Charged Water 

Having water from a copper vessel is an ayurvedic, therapeutic practice. To make this process more effective, Pureit introduced the new Copper-Charged range of RO water purifiers. Any water purifier from this range comes with a Copper+RO+UV water purification technology that gives you clean water along with the goodness of copper-charged water.

7. UV Water Purification

In a UV water purifier system, UV (ultraviolet) rays destroy harmful bacteria from the water. The water is thus perfectly disinfected from pathogens. The UV water purifier is beneficial to health since it destroys all hazardous germs in the water without altering the taste. Pureit’s incredible range of UV water purifiers includes a powerful 11-watt UV lamp that comes with 5 years of warranty. 


One could wonder which of these cutting-edge water filtration techniques is superior after weighing their pros and downsides. However, based on current technology, Reverse osmosis water purification is still the best option for preserving TDS levels, eliminating viruses and bacteria, and improving water flavour. Companies that make modern water purifiers, like Pureit, have created a variety of RO purifiers that work with copper charge, UV, and MF technologies to produce 100% pure drinking water.