Many football fans and gamblers consider college football the highlight of their year. There’s always a massive plate of games weekly, and while the general public tends to focus only on a few big matchups, you should know that you can find tons of value from other places; you just have to search for it!

You will need a disciplined approach to NCAAF betting to improve your winnings. Rather than getting caught by the public’s opinion, the highlights, biases, and emotions, prioritize the following things to up your game.

Bet on the Underdog

It’s not uncommon that bettors have their biases among the NCAAF teams. If you look at other sports, bettors would typically enjoy the game and just bet on the favorites without a thought. Another bias made by bettors is they would typically just bet on the home teams. Even though they can be profitable, they are often overvalued, which will be discussed in the following section. 

If you want to improve your NCAAF bets this season, observe each game without bias and look at the underdog’s value. Betting on the underdog entails weighing different factors and circumstances and taking advantage of the information gathered. For example, when you find that a favorite team is visiting an underdog team, you may observe that people are pushing that you support and bet on the favorite. 

These biased bettors won’t even consider other factors and would tell you to bet on the favorite without any regard for the odds and how much money you would even get in return if you won your bet.

Observe Home Teams

Many bettors will tell you how there’s an advantage in home teams. However, it’s often overvalued, which you can easily observe from NCAAF odds. If you want to improve your betting strategy, don’t let public opinion cloud your judgment, and make your observations on the home team. 

Home-field advantages aren’t as prominent as some would say. Traveling NCAAF players would have taken enough time to prepare themselves for the match. With their years of experience, they may not get any form of jetlags anymore and would be in their best condition. So, it’s best to avoid this notion and observe them from past performances.

Additionally, it would help if you looked out for home teams that had an off week. When a team has taken a week off from matches, coaches usually take this time to scheme and prepare the players. Also, the players are well-rested and prepared to conquer the field. It would be profitable to bet on teams like these and improve your chances of winning.

Understand How Bonus Offers Work

Are you currently placing your wagers on online betting sites? Then you should know how bonus offers work and how to take advantage of these bets! Most legal sports betting sites offer bonuses, rewards, and free bets to battle other betting sites. It’s a way to attract you to their website, and you can use these to your advantage! Here are some of the standard bonuses you may encounter:

  • Free bet: Just like its name, you can bet for free using this bonus. It’s typically credited to your account after you register. You should read the terms and conditions before placing your bet since you may have to bet a certain amount, but don’t worry because any winnings are yours to keep.
  • Risk-free bet: After you make your first deposit, some sites will let you bet on the NCAAF with no risks. If you lose your bet, you will receive a refund that’s up to the maximum amount in site credits which you can use again for your next bet.
  • Loyalty bonus: You will get this reward once you’ve reached a specific month or year by placing bets on the website.

Understand “Value”

Nothing better separates casual bettors from genuine sports handicappers than finding and understanding positive value. Casual bettors would just bet on their favorite NCAAF teams or their alma mater and cheer for their team. However, picking whoever you see is expected to win would result in losses when looking at the long-term results.

You would need to consider value when creating an NCAAF betting strategy. It’s one of the ways you can create profit. In the beginning, you may experience hardship and do the extra work to take action on only bets with value, but over time, it will ultimately show off results once you understand what you’re doing and have a system in place. 

A value bet is an NCAAF wager where the likelihood of the game is higher than what the odds offered by sites reflect. It means you would only place your bets when the chances of winning are higher than the oddsmakers estimated.

Final Thoughts

College football is a sport that’s celebrated all over the United States since it gives the audience a chance to root for their colleges and alums. In addition, it allows bettors to find hidden gems among the many teams, gain a strategy, and win a lot of money.