HostWinds is a well-known hosting provider that has been in business since 2010. Since then, the company has provided various hosting options, including cloud hosting, VPS, shared hosting and dedicated servers. As a result, it caters to all types of enterprises. But, its shared hosting packages are the most famous because they provide a variety of useful features for nothing, making it simple for newcomers to host their sites.

Overview Of HostWinds

Peter Holden, the company’s current CEO, launched HostWinds in 2010. Since then, the business has been on a roller coaster journey to deliver dependable hosting solutions at reasonable pricing.

The organization has grown to include many data center locations over time. Currently, two physical servers (Seattle and Dallas) are in the United States, with the third in Europe (the Netherlands, Amsterdam).

According to HostWinds, it controls 100 per cent of its servers and network, allowing it to resolve IT issues more quickly and cost-effectively. The corporation promises to pass on the benefits to its clients because it saves the company a lot of money.

HostWinds, like other hosting companies, has a limitless policy which applies to business email accounts, space, and bandwidth. As a result, its shared hosting packages have unlimited access to these resources. Another noteworthy addition is the free WordPress conversion and SSL certification. 

This HostWinds review explain some features, including:

  1. Stable Uptime

Reliable server uptime is critical for all sorts of websites. You may lose potential customers or consumers if they cannot access your website due to downtime.

HostWinds guarantees 99.9% server uptime on all hosting packages. This implies that if there is a problem with how the servers work, it will be resolved swiftly before your website’s visitors experience any negative consequences. HostWinds also provides free technical assistance by phone or email, so you can contact them if your website is down for any reason.

  1. Daily backups are performed at night.

Data backups are essential because they improve data protection. So, if your server experiences a problem or your site data is accidentally erased, you can restore it using the prior data backup.

Fortunately, HostWinds includes free daily nightly backups with all of its basic services. The nightly restoration procedure is automated and happens at midnight UTC every night. Based on your material, the backups can take as long as 24 hours to complete, but it is always completed.

  1. Site Migration for Free

Users can migrate their existing site (if they have one) to HostWinds for no charge. The procedure is straightforward and does not necessitate any technological skills on your part. You must supply HostWinds with the credentials for your existing hosting provider so that they may collect your website’s files from their current location. Once completed, the data will be moved to HostWinds’ servers and made accessible for immediate access.

  1. User-Friendly cPanel

The HostWinds dashboard is straightforward to use. It offers an excellent dashboard from which you can easily check your website’s performance, available disc space, bandwidth usage, and so forth. HostWinds’ control interface is cPanel. It’s an industry-standard admin console that’s both simple and powerful. You can control the hosting account and perform changes with a few mouse clicks.

  1. Prompt Customer Service

HostWinds provides a very good support team that can assist you with most technical concerns. Fortunately, help is available through a variety of channels for your comfort, including:

Live Chat: Live chat is accessible 24/7 and allows you to engage in a live chat with a HostWinds representative.

Email: HostWinds provides email support as well. However, it is not instant, and you may have to wait 24 hours for a response.

Phone Help: If you prefer to speak with a support representative over the call, HostWinds allows you to select between the US and foreign phone numbers based on your location. In either case, you will have access to skilled representatives that are educated enough to assist you with any problem you may encounter.