HP laptops have always taken the lead when it comes to innovation. HP sells some of the most efficient models of laptops under multiple categories – gaming, business and premium. 

In the first quarter of 2019, HP shipped approximately 12.83 million units of personal laptops. HP manufactures laptops to suit different purposes, including a user’s daily needs, whether it is for media, projects, studies, or gaming. These models are power-packed with outstanding performance that keeps consumers connected and entertained. The widespread availability of these laptops is also a contributing factor that has effectively boosted their demand.

Apart from the HP store, customers can purchase professional or personal laptops from different online shopping websites. Below is a list of features based on different HP laptops segments that will assist consumers in choosing the ideal option for them at a reasonable price.

Points to look through before purchasing an HP laptop:

The best HP laptops offer portability, flexibility and power and come in a different range of styles to fit almost every requirement. HP models stand out from the crowd with their high-end looks and top-notch hardware under their surface. 

Whether the purpose is for gaming, professional work, or personal work, consumers can view multiple laptops in HP stores where they can assess every aspect of a laptop. Consumers must look at the following points on some of a laptop’s properties to solve their dilemma of which model to purchase.

  • RAM – HP laptops come in 8GB-16GB RAM with Intel Core i5-i7. Some variants have DDR4 RAM type with 2400MHz.
  • Storage – HP laptops consist of a 512-GB-2TB SSD storage space, along with 1 multi-card slot.
  • Display – Some flagship models come with a 15.6-inch display and 3840×2140 pixels touch. They have a stylish and high-quality finish with built-in security features.

Different variants of HP laptops have unique features, and their prices vary accordingly. The ace laptops include a distinct balance between ample screen space and portability with a decent trackpad. Also, for gamers, few models sport a G-sync display, 4k gaming and solid speakers.

If customers visit the HP store, they may not be able to access all of a laptops’ premium-range models. But on several shopping websites, customers can find all the best variants, alongside the reviews and best offers at an affordable price. 

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