The placement process for the MBA batch of 2021 concluded for most leading management schools and finally the true impact of the pandemic is clearly visible. In recent years, the Baby IIMs have shown an uptrend in the placement offered to their graduating MBA batch.

Baby IIMs Placements Highlights 2021

  • For the graduating batch 2021, amongst all ‘baby’ IIMs, IIM Nagpur has recieved the highest average and median salary at INR 13.21 lakhs and INR 13.00 lakhs respectively.
  • The highest CTC offered at any of the baby IIMs in 2021 was recorded at INR 21 lakhs. Last year, it stood at INR 40 lakhs.
  • Sales & Marketing is the most preferred domain for MBA graduates.  At least four of the 9 baby IIMs mentioned this fact in their reports.
  • In the number of recruiters participating in the final placements 2021, some of the third generation Baby IIMs witness up to 90% increase

In 2021, there has been also a prominent impact of the pandemic on placements at the Baby IIMs. IIM Nagpur is the only third generation Baby IIM to witness an increase in both average and median CTC offered to the grduating batch.

Final Placement of Baby IIMs : A snapshot

Name of the CollegeNo of students participatedNo. of companies participatedHighest Salary     ( in INR)Average Salary    ( in INR)  Highest Sector offering placement
IIM jammu8912132 LPA14.85 LPAMarketing, Sales & Finance
IIM Trichy21813030 LPA14.85 LPA14.85 LPA
IIM Kashipur12712729.02 LPA14.05 LPAMarketing, & Consulting
IIM Bodhgaya1098617.3 LPA9.92 LPAFood Services and IT & Analyst
IIM Nagpur10941 (new recruiters)31.54 LPA14.94 LPAConsulting & IT
IIM Sambalpur9514021 LPA11.22 LPASales & Marketing
IIM Sirmaur11213216 LPA9.6 LPA IT/ ITeS
IIM Visakhapatnam12110220.8 LPA12.62 LPAIT / ITES
IIM Amritsar1468818.16 LPA12.68 LPAConsulting

IIM Jammu has , among all Baby IIMs recorded the highest placement salary so far during placement 2021 season.

IIM Sirmaur has recorded a decline in the average CTC, and has recorded the biggest drop in median salary offered amongst all the baby IIMs. IIM Amritsar recorded a decrease of 55% and IIM Nagpur recorded a steep decline of 52% in the highest salary offered to their respective MBA batches.

IIM Kashipur Placements

IIM Kashipur has concluded its 2019-21- placement report with a decent placement record.  The Highest CTC remained at INR 29.02 LPA and the Average package stood at INR 14.05 LPA in the placement drive 2021. The Median CTC stood at INR 12.72 LPA. Some of the top recruiters include TATA, BYJUs, Deloitte, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and many others.

 IIM Kashipur Placements Year-Wise Trends

The below mentioned table represents the year wise IIM Kashipur placement trends:

YearHighest Salary (INR)Median Salary (INR)Average Salary (INR)
202129.02 LPA12.27 LPA14.05 LPA
202045 LPA12.04 LPA13.82 LPA
201928 LPA20 LPA12.17 LPA
201820.8 LPA16 LPA12.19 LPA

IIM Nagpur Placements

IIM Nagpur has completed final placement 2022 for the 6th MBA batch 2020-21 and the college recorded 100% placement again, IIM Nagpur has registered a 13.24% uptrend in average salary which has increased at INR 14.94 LPA and 18.61% rise in median salary which has gone up at INR 15.42 LPA.

Key Placement Trends

Final Placement YearAverage Salary (Rs. in Lakhs)Highest Placement ( Lakhs

IIM Bodh Gaya Placements

IIM Bodh Gaya, is the 16th IIM categorized under Baby IIMs which has not only maintained its excellent placement record but also offers a high RoI. IIM Bodh Gaya has completed 100% Placement 2021 with 3.6% rise in average salary and 7% rise in highest salary.

Key Placement Trends

Placement YearAverage Placement (INR in Lakhs)Final Placement (INR in Lakhs)
2021  9.9217.30
2020  9.5716.25

IIM Amritsar Placement

One of the 7th newest Baby IIMs, IIM Amritsar final placements report 2019-2021 was recently successfully concluded. The Highest Domestic CTC was recorded as INR 18.16 LPA as no international recruiter participated in the placement drive.

Average salary for Top 25% students at IIM Bodhgaya stood at INR 15.94 LPA while 6 Students were offered PPOs.

Key Placement Trends

Cost to Company (CTC)202120202019
Highest CTCRs 18.16 LPARs 40 LPARs. 21 LPA
Average CTCRs 12.68 LPARs 12.61 LPARs. 12.20 LPA
Median CTCINR 12 LPARs. 12 LPA

IIM Trichy Placement

IIM Trichy is the 11th IIM established in the country and has released its placement report for the batch 2019-21. This year, there is a 34% increase in the number of recruiters participating than last year and 24% of the batch received Pre-Placement offers.

IIM Trichy Placements Trends

Cost to Companies202120202019
Number of companies13011994
Number of offers186170
Highest salaryRs 30 LPARs 25 LPARs 35.15 LPA
Average salaryRs 14.85 LPARs 14.96 LPARs 14.91 LPA

IIM Jammu Placements

In spite of being one of the the youngest members of IIMs family, IIM Jammu final Placement 2021 for the 4th batch 2019-21 has concluded with 100% placements. The average salary for the batch has gone up at INR 14.85 LPA in 2021 from Rs.10.06 lakhs and the highest salary also going up to INR 32 lakhs this year from Rs.24.5 lakhs last year.

Key Placement Trends

Placement Details202120202019
Number of companies13011994
Number of offers186170
Highest salaryINR 32 LPAINR 25 LPAINR 35.15 LPA
Average salaryINR 14.85 LPAINR 14.96 LPAINR 14.91 LPA

IIM Sambalpur Placement

IIM Sambalpur has released its final Placement 2021 for its 5th MBA graduating batch 2021 and concluded the same with 100% success rate. IIM Sambalpur recorded the 39% increase in the highest salary offered at INR 26.4 LPA from INR 18.95 LPA last year.

Key Placement Trends

ParticularsSalary Statistics 2019 (in INR)Salary/Statistics 2020 (in INR)Salary/Statistics 2021 (in INR)
Median CTC9.23 LPA10.5 LPA10.35 LPA
Average CTC11.33 LPA10.78 LPA11.21 LPA
Highest CTC20 LPA18.92 LPA26.4 LPA

IIM Visakhapatnam Placement

Achieving yet again 100% placement to its credit, IIM Visakhapatnam has concluded final placement 2021 with lucrative placement packages for the graduating batch of MBA 2019-21 students.  A total of 102 recruiters participated in the placement drive, out of which the total number of new recruiters was 73.

Key Placement Trends

Highest CTCRs 20.82 LPARs 27 LPARs 22 LPA
Average CTCRs 12.62 LPARs 13.08 LPARs 12.61 LPA
Median CTCRs 12.00 LPARs 12.00 LPARs 12.00 LPA

IIM Sirmaur Placement

IIM Sirmaur has successfully completed final placement 2021 for its 5th graduating batch of 2021. 132 leading companies, including 75+ first-time recruiters,  participated and made lucrative offers to the large batch size of 112 students.

IIM Sirmaur Placements 2021- Highlights

Total number of recruiters132
Total batch size112
Highest offered CTCRs 16 LPA
Average CTC offeredRs 9.60 LPA
Average CTC (top 10% of students)Rs 14.10 LPA
Average CTC (top 25% of students)Rs 12.40 LPA
Average CTC (top 50% of students)Rs 11.20 LPA

IIM Sirmaur Placement 2021

During the final placement 2021 the highest and average salary of IIM Sirmaur as compared to previous years has remained as mentioned here.

IIM Sirmaur Placement YearAverage Salary in Placement (INR in Lakhs)Highest Salary in Placement (INR  in Lakhs)

Sales & Marketing was the most popular  domain among the batch of 2021 at IIM Sirmaur. Nearly 61% of the batch opted for Sales & Marketing roles during final placement, with an average salary of INR 9.64 lakhs whereas 12% of the batch opted for General Management roles.